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wildcat too - testimonials
Wildcat Too, BVI crewed charter yacht
Having just returned from our charter aboard Wildcat Too, I wanted to share our thoughts about what was easily one of the most memorable trips of our lifetime. I want to preface this note with one comment: we have travelled extensively all over the world, and have usually stayed at premium hotels, resorts, and villas, but this was our first charter experience. Needless to say, we will definitely continue to explore the world, but now from a boat!

This was our first time visiting the Virgin Islands, and we were blown away by the natural beauty of the towering islands contrasted by the breathtaking blues of the ocean. While there were occasional glimpses of the ongoing restoration from the storms, for the most part it seemed that the islands and the wonderful people were well down the path to recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who call the Virgin Islands home, and that they are spared this hurricane season and continue working toward recovery.

As beautiful as the islands were, and as welcoming as the people were, this trip would not have been as memorable if it were not for Captain Stehle and Chef Kelly. From the minute we met them on the dock, until they handed us off to our driver for the airport, their entire focus was that we were having the time of our life. Boy did they succeed. Prior to our arrival we had a very long call with Kelly, where we discussed food and drink preferences, activities we would like to do and sights we wanted to see, and overall the type of vacation we hoped to enjoy. The Graves listened to everything we requested, and then executed it all to perfection.

I wanted to share with you a couple of examples of how the right captain and crew/chef made all of the difference for our trip. We arrived at Redhook mid-day, and had been traveling since early that morning. After a short ride, we pulled into Maho bay where chef Kelly had the most amazing jerk chicken lunch waiting for us - after a glass of champagne, of course. This was a wonderful touch as we had not really eaten since early that morning, and definitely got the charter off on the right foot. Sure enough, after lunch we snorkeled and spent the afternoon with a very patient sea turtle and a couple of shy rays that kept us looking at the sandy bottom. Still full from a late, and giant, lunch, Kelly kindly pushed dinner off much later than expected, and didn't miss a beat. This theme continued the rest of the trip - for instance when our son's kiteboarding lesson was cancelled due to lack of wind on Anegada - go figure!?! - we hopped on the boat and left early for our next port. This was not planned, but Stehle and Kelly pivoted on a dime and made it happen. Similarly, when a guide did not show up for a scheduled tour on time, they were immediately on the phone with another guide who was there in no time. Again, they just made it happen. Longline fishing gear fouled up in one of the props? That didn't keep the Graves from getting us to a scheduled, and pre-paid, dive on time. Step on a sea urchin and have a dozen spikes in a bare foot? Here comes Captain Stehle with a bucket and a gallon of vinegar to soak the stingers away. Kids in bed after a delicious dinner, and Kelly miracuously appears on the flybridge carrying two after-dinner drinks. Have an anniversary during charter? No problem, Kelly whips up a dinner basked full charcuterie, cheeses, fresh fruit, champagne, wine, and the top of a wedding cake!, and then drop us on the beach for a sunset dinner - all while they deal with two teenagers on the boat!  Hopefully you get the idea...

Chef Kelly is truly a magician, especially considering the limited space and resources she has to work with. I don't know if I would consider us "foodies", but coming from the New York-metro area we are spoiled with some fantastic restaurants which we regularly enjoy. I would put Kelly up against any of them. Besides the quality of the fish and meats provisioned, and the creativity and diversity of her menus, each meal was executed to each perfection. I am still shaking my head at how perfectly the sea bass was prepared for our final meal - it is no easy feat to cook fish that perfectly, let alone on what amounts to a single burner stove. Truly memorable. Complimenting Kelly is Captain Stehle, who can be described in one word - unflappable. His calm, easy going approach put everyone at ease instantly. No matter what came up during the week - it is a boat after all - he was on it and always fixed the issue so it never impacted our trip. He knew all of the perfect spots to make sure we got to do and see everything we wanted, and got us from port to port in no time at all.

Team Graves was the perfect compliment to the breathtaking scenery and the right boat for our family. We appreciated all they did to make our vacation so special, and cannot wait to book our next charter!

Writing this should not be so difficult - we all has such a great time but stringing together a list of superlatives can come across as trite. Thank you Captain Stehle & First Mate Kelly. Our family vacation on Wildcat Too has been absolutely magical thanks to your efforts.

Your attention to detail was evident even before we left home, when you contacted us several times to ascertain our preferences. I'm sure our appreciation of your fabulous cooking was evident by the always completely empty plates, loud contented sighs and the constant need to photograph the meals before devouring them. Nevertheless let me thank you for making every meal an occasion to be savored and remembered.

Despite high winds and high seas we never felt the least bit nervous knowing that Stehle was looking after us as well. You always knew exactly where to take us for a great VI experience even though conditions were not ideal. We started with the boys night swimming with eagle rays, later snorkeling gorgeous reefs, chased sea turtles and finished with the absolutely amazing experience of swimming and playing with dolphins.

It's all been amazing and all done with every creature comfort arranged by Kelly & Stehle. I can't thank you both enough and I can certainly verify that there is no hospitality as perfect as southern hospitality.

Thank you Kelly & Stehle for the best vacation EVER! We had so much fun in the BVIs & you were so willing to make sure we were always enjoying our trip & relaxing. Our Top Memories Include:
Nightly cocktail hour & the meat & cheese tray
Scuba diving with the sea turtle on Scrub Island
Kelly's margaritas (these are a must have)
Kite Surfing & Scooters on Anegada
Plus lobster dinner at Potters where WILDCAT TOO CLAIMS LIMBO VICTORY!-NO LOSERS HERE-
Stehle's stories are funny & entertaining plus his great dingy driving-must ride on the wild kitten
Kelly & Stehle know all the best snorkeling spots-the treasure caves were a personal favorite
New Years Eve steak dinner was AMAZING plus we enjoyed a traditional southern New Years Day meal
Fishing with Stehle
Waking up to morning coffee (x7)
Gage & Anton out swimming the "sharks"
Rum Punch & Painkillers at every bar
Kelly & Stehle always being kind & generous
Best Family Vacation Ever!

This is the only way to spend a Christmas on board Wildcat Too with wonderful captain Stehle who took us to all the best bays & beaches on the BVI, George loved his movie nights with Stehle every night. Kelly kept us extremely well fed breakfast, lunch & dinner with her exquisite gourmet cooking. We haven't lifted a finger all week-how will we ever get back to reality. A wonderful, fun, memorable week in the BVIs, thank you both so much.

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