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avalanche - testimonials
Avalanche, BVI crewed charter yacht
There is nothing like sailing on vacation with no care in the world. This would only be possible if you have a captain like Gary. He tailored our trip and itinerary based on what my family and I liked to do. Every day there were new sites to see and activities to do. We chose to do full service with meals included and it was great! When we were lucky we would even catch our own fish for dinner;) It is honestly such a great experience and with Captain Gary its literally "smooth sailing".

[previous crew] This vacation was amazing! I will certainly remember this for years to come, you were so kind and full of energy. This was both exciting and relaxing, a perfect combo of both… Eric, you did an awesome job navigating. You were so interactive, and didn't just do the thing that we couldn't, you went full 100%. Thank you for making this reunion with my family amazing.

[previous crew] We didn't know what to expect from our first sailing trip, and you have set the bar extremely high for our next trip (and hopefully our next trip will be with you as well). Everything was first class… It’s hard to find the words to say thank you to someone who has given you treasured memories to last a lifetime, but we hope you know how much we greatly appreciated all your efforts and hospitality with our whole group.

[previous crew] Eric, you were excellent at recruiting first mates. It was great fun watching Will trying to master the clove hitch knot, or Andrew going below decks to help with the anchor… We thank you very much for the wonderful sailing vacation in the BVIs!!! Thank you again for all of your hard work and hospitality. This was an experience my family, and particularly my children, will never forget.

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