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destiny - testimonials
Destiny, BVI crewed charter yacht
[previous crew] Everything was perfect!  Captain and chef could not have been better. We liked them both, and enjoyed their company. Delicious food!!

[previous crew] The trip was absolutely perfect in every way. The boat was beyond amazing and surpassed only by the crew, Gunnar and Megan were the best you could hope for. I would recommend the Destiny and the crew to anyone... our next trip... can’t be too soon. 

[previous crew] We got home last night and had a wonderful time.  The boat itself was great! Gunnar and Megan did a great job. Megan is a great cook and has a lovely manner about her. Gunnar was a CAPTAIN!  Very nice and eager to please. We all felt very safe with him. They were both also a lot of fun.

We covered 8 islands in eight days, so we were active. We did have Christmas winds but we got used to it. All said we had awesome time on Destiny and we would definitely book them again.

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