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mojeka - crew profile
captain: tristan spanier-marson (sui)
From childhood, it was inevitable that Tristan would choose a yachting career. He grew up on the shores of the Indian Ocean in Durban, South Africa. His boating education began when he was just seven years old, crewing on his father's sailboat. Experienced captain on crewed BVI sailing yacht, MojekaEach summer, he further polished his skippering skills at a youth sailing camp. He also raced Hobie 16's and took up kite surfing. Despite a life largely dedicated to the sea, he completed his college with a Bachelor of Commerce Strategic Management.

Today, Tristan currently holds a Master of Yachts 200 tons Sail, AEC engineering license, Power Boat level 2, Short Range Radio License, and is an experienced marine engineer. His impressive accomplishments are not limited to the yachting industry. He has extensive experience in silver service, working at a restaurant under a Michelin star chef. He also enjoys simple fare, lighting the BBQ up, throwing steak, shrimp and (his personal favorite) ribs on the grill. And he is a bit of an oenophile, learning much about the grape during his internship on a wine farm in Cape Town, South Africa.

Tristan excels at the most discreet level of service, but favors interactive charters. The better he knows the guests, the easier it is to customize a great itinerary. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of kite surfing, fishing, hiking, paddle boarding and the best of the Caribbean, on shore and under the sea. Most of all he loves sailing, and high-performance Mojeka is the perfect yacht to harness the wind.

chef/hostess: logan dianne roesle (usa)
Logan grew up in the vibrant city of Dallas, Texas, the youngest of three siblings. Her passion for yachting began as a child, cruising aboard the family boat on the lake. She spent many happy weekends out on the water, soaking up the Texas sun. Growing up a city girl on the lake, she always dreamt of life on the ocean. Her childhood vacations to the Caribbean and Mexico inspired her lifelong passion to explore different countries, cultures and cuisines.

As a child, Logan participated in competitive dancing, which provided the foundation for success dancing and cheerleading professionally. In fact, she attended two years at Kilgore College on a dance scholarship. She completed her education with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Merchandising and Business at the University of North Texas in Denton. Pursuant to the yachting industry, she acquired cooking certification at the Gecko Culinary School and completed her Dive Master Qualification. When on charter, and not busy in Mojeka's galley, she is always eager to take guests, who are qualified divers, out to explore the deep blue.

Logan has an extensive repertoire of cooking techniques and recipes. However, growing up in Texas, so close to the border, Mexican food, or as the Texans call it "Tex-Mex", is her favorite cuisine. She loves the range of flavors and possibilities within Mexican food, and adapting different, aromatic spices and peppers that are freshly available. With her extensive travels to the South Pacific, Caribbean, and South Africa, she can dish up a truly outstanding, international menu. Whether guests prefer exotic dishes or simple, comfort food, restricted diets or indulgent ones, Logan's cooking always has guests asking for seconds. Thankfully, sailing, swimming and beachcombing burns a couple of calories.

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