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mojeka - sample menu
  This is a sample menu only. Your chef will design a menu based on your food and drink preferences.
All breakfasts served with coffee, tea, local fresh fruits, yogurts, granolas & cereals
Vanilla French toast with bacon and eggs
Sautéed mushroom, tomato, and 3 cheese omelet
Grandma’s homemade biscuits with island jam
Skillet sautéed mango pancake
English muffin supreme with scrambled eggs, avocado and salsa
Frittata cups and smoked salmon
Continental breakfast with eggs of your choice, bacon and sausage

Crab and pineapple salad
English sausage rolls with fresh vegetables
Tex-Mex fish tacos with homemade taco shells
Zucchini and Swiss cheese quiche
Gourmet sandwiches with a selection of delicious meats and cheeses
Bacon and pineapple cheeseburgers off the grill
Grilled chicken fajita salad

Cheese & Fruit Platter: An array of cheeses with preserves, fruits, nuts, olives and
crackers or artisan seed chips
Charcuterie platter: Dried chorizo, pepperoni, Serrano ham or prosciutto, cheese, olives, hummus or dips, accompanied by a selection of bread products
Homemade tortilla chips with Mexican guacamole

Classic pasta bolognese with wild mushrooms
Surf and Turf: Delicious spare ribs with sweet chili sauce and honey-coated shrimp
Local caught fresh red snapper marinated in zest and apricot
Crispy bacon wrapped scallops on creamy corn risotto
Fresh Lobster with garlic butter and local vegetables
Soy and honey pork tenderloin with cauliflower mash
Coronation mango chicken with Kashmir curry sauce

Lindt chocolate mousse
Ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce
Key lime pie
Ritz cracker pie
Banana flambé
Local fruit with yogurt and chocolate

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