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more amore - crew profile
captain: ben foglesong (usa)
chef/hostess: michelle foglesong (usa)
With over 15 combined years in the service and hospitality industry, Ben and Michelle know what it takes to create the perfect charter for their guests. Chef Michelle, Florida born and raised discovered her love for the water at a very young age. She grew up on the east coast spending time on the ocean with her father who was an avid boater. Experienced captain on crewed BVI sailing yacht, More AmoreHer passion for scuba diving however, did not begin until she met Ben. Shortly after their first date he strapped a tank to her back and taught her everything she knows about life under the surface. Ben's love of the ocean grew after he left the Army and started scuba diving and sailing while studying marine biology at UVA. He later moved to Florida to earn a master’s degree at the University of Miami.

During Ben's time in Florida he met Michelle and the two have been inseparable since day one. They quickly realized a life in the Caribbean would suit them perfectly and began to work towards finding a career in paradise. The two, wanting to make the water their daily life, took jobs diving in the BVI. Daily scuba trips were rewarding but they knew they wanted to sail more and get to share their culinary creations with people.

With over a year’s experience diving the Virgin Islands, Ben and Michelle are looking forward to sharing the region’s hidden gems as well as their knowledge of the organisms you will encounter.

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