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more amore - testimonials
More Amore, BVI crewed charter yacht

[previous crew]
How would you rate the booking process?

Is there any way we could have improved our service?
Honestly I can not think of a single thing I would have wanted done differently through the whole process.

What was your first impression of the yacht?
The yacht actually exceeded my expectations. It was roomier than I was expecting and in good repair. Great places up top and in front to enjoy the scenery. The bedding was so comfortable that we all got the name of the bedding so we might purchase it for our own homes, LOL.

Was advertised equipment onboard and in good condition?
Yes... everything was in good shape. I know there were several pics of the big floating island and we did not see that on board... although we never asked for it.. so I'm not sure if it is still in working order or not.

Did the skipper/hostess make you feel welcome and comfortable onboard?
I can not brag on Danny & Laura enough. We feel soooo fortunate that these two were our crew for the week. It was so obvious that they genuinely wanted us to have a wonderful week and they did EVERYTHING in their power to make the week special for us. The weather was less that perfect during the first part of the week, but they helped us make the best of it... we all kind of took their lead and ignored the rain!! lol.

Did you feel free to choose activities?
Every request we had they met. In addition, they were great about coming up with activities that they felt our group would enjoy. They knew that we had several triathletes in our group and they made a great effort to get us to areas where we could hike, run and swim.

Please provide specific comments regarding your skipper and hostess.
Danny - we never felt of moment of trepidation about our safety. Danny was unbelievably competent. Twice in the middle of the night we had generator issues and Danny was up with a flashlight and tools to get us up and running again in short order. We LOVED hanging out with him up on the fly bridge because he was sooooo knowledgeable about the history of the area... for example, he didn't just take us to the wreck of the Rhone to snorkel, he told us the whole story of the wreck, how it happened and why... he knew all the pirate history from the area and told us great stories. He was also an encyclopedia of sailing information... it was SUCH a pleasure to hear him tell stories and to just see his pure love of sailing and the history of the islands. Laura... all I can say is that she is going to make a wonderful mother one day. We could not get over the fact that she was only 26 years old. Her chef skills were fantastic! We ate like kings and queens. But the thing that touched all of us so much was the absolutely beautiful Thanksgiving meal she put on the table for us. The girl made homemade gnocchi, she cooked a full turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, mash potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce... it all came out of that tiny galley. We were in awe... and so touched by the love she put into that meal. It was so, so special. We just all fell in love with Danny and Laura... if we ever do this again, and they are still around, we will be searching them out again. They were simply outstanding.

Were the meals and beverages as you expected?
Yes, we had everything we wanted and all our requests from the preference sheets were followed.

If you made any special requests were they met?
I mentioned on the sheets that John's Bday was on the 25th and we woke up to a big Happy Birthday banner for John on his day. Laura made a special dessert for him that evening! We had a few food requests and they were all met too!

Was this your first visit to the BVI?
For most of our party it was the first trip. John and I had been once before in 2008. I guess this would bring up probably the only disappointment that we had during our trip and that is how much more crowded everything is now. It was especially noticeable at the Baths and Saba Rock... it was just so packed that it made it difficult to enjoy.

Would you recommend this yacht for a charter vacation?
I already have!!! LOL.

Would you recommend Best of BVI Boats?
Absolutely. Penny was GREAT. She bent over backwards to work with us when we had an issue with our first yacht choice. Everything was top notch and I will definitely be calling Penny again if we plan another trip.

[previous crew] I must say the crew of Danny and Laura were OUTSTANDING! From the moment we met it was a performance conducted so professionally and thoughtfully that no other crew we experienced compared, and this is our 8th time doing this. They also were the youngest couple we have had as our captains. The attention to detail, the depth of knowledge, ability to adapt to us very quickly and confidence in their duties was very evident and satisfying. I cannot fully express how wonderful it was to spend time with these two fine young people. They seem to have a good grasp on what they want to do in the future. I do hope we can do another voyage with them.

Laura and Dan performed as well as any fine restaurant experience. Each meal was planned out very carefully, was aligned with our Preferences and was combined with either a good drink or compatible wine. Again the talent these two have together is unmatched. The food was fresh, perfectly prepared and followed by wonderful homemade deserts. Loved it.

This was the first time we had a bridge with a great lounging area, several bean bag chairs on the front. We had plenty of space to move around. There were 6 of us and that helps. All systems worked well, the AC when needed, lights, etc. No issues. Danny and Laura had a really good, thorough understanding of the boat.

[previous crew] We had a wonderful holiday week in the BVIs on the More Amore. Everything was great – the boat was perfect for two families, the outdoor and fly bridge spaces were amply large and comfortable, the boat sailed well throughout, the water sports/amenities were enjoyable by all ages (snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, water skiing), the itinerary that Captain Danny co-planned with us worked out well at every turn, and Laura was a wonderful cook making dishes that appealed to all ages.

Danny and Laura made a great team and were exceptionally focused on making it a great week for all of us – their smiles, positive attitudes and customer-service friendly approach was much appreciated. We highly recommend a sail with Danny and Laura on the More Amore.

[previous crew] More Amore charter was our best vacation ever. Danny and Laura are an amazing couple and handle everything flawlessly. Captain Danny motors that 62’ CAT like the true professional he is. I was a little nervous about being on the water in something that size, but safety was always first and he is an excellent captain. After the first hour on the water I didn’t have a care in the world, except wondering about what Chef Laura was going be cooking up next.

Being from the New Orleans area, we love good food and drinks. We were never disappointed in breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Amazing and inspired visually appetizing food was always served from that small galley. Truly amazing job Chef Laura! When we would return from our land adventures of the day, appetizers were waiting for us and of course some of the best adult beverages ever. There was never a time on board when we weren’t being offered something to drink or being asked if we needed anything. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the 7 stress free days of vacation bliss was all attributable to Danny and Laura anticipating our every need.

The More Amore is an amazingly appointed yacht and much larger than what I expected from the pictures on the website. The yacht was exceptionally clean and everything as advertised was perfect down to the individual room air conditioner controls that ensured perfect and comfortable sleep on extremely comfortable bedding.

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