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nenne - testimonials
Nenne, BVI crewed charter yacht
You're the 3 most awesome professionals I've ever had the privilege to know! You may not know this, but we have talked about doing this trip for 30 years! Life & responsibilities got complicated and we're just now realizing this dream. And now that it's over, I can't believe what we've been missing all these years! You three are amazing, each setting the bar so high in your very different rolls. Donald – you are most definitely "the most interesting man in the world" with your vast knowledge of virtually every topic covered this week, not to mention keeping us all laughing the whole week! Audrey – good grief the food was amazing down to the very last detail. I will be thinking about almost every dish you made for quite awhile, and wishing I could just eat at "Audrey's" again someday. Richard - what can I say? You are the man filling needs before they are even recognized as a need. And you have the most gracious spirit about you. A joy to be around!! You three will see this family again someday! Thank you so much for the best week EVER! Here's wishing you 3 a lovely break followed by an amazing rest of 2018 with your individual lives and your charters.

This past week spent with my brother and family, and with you three has been one of the best weeks I've ever had! You all did everything possible to make sure every detail was taken care of. The food was incredible! (Audrey, maybe, just maybe I will be inspired to cook again!) Donald, you kept us laughing and took care of making sure we were entertained and safe – all at the same time. Richard, you noticed everything that needed doing and it’s done before anyone knows it needed doing! Thank you all for an incredible experience. Next time I know I still won’t dive but I will be an experienced snorkeler – oops – I mean "professional"! Please let me know if you are in Atlanta or Colorado any time! We would love for you to visit! And I do hope to be back on your boat again!

One of the finest weeks of our lives spent with our children while celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary. Captain Donald, Audrey and Richard made it truly special! I cannot say enough about their hospitality, expertise and skills making this truly a family experience to remember forever. The food was sensational! A must to repeat… soon! Thank you!

Captain Donald, Audrey and Richard. Thank you for a wonderful week! We have had a blast seeing all there is to see and do in the British Virgin Islands. Thanks for all the special attention towards my son. He will remember this trip forever. Also thanks for all the delicious food and all the chicken cooked all week. The ship was beautiful, but our experiences were made by the careful attention of the crew. Thanks for a wonderful vacation!

Thank you so much for the great week we had in the BVI. You are a fantastic captain, the food was amazing and the attention to detail by you and your crew was second to none. All of the activities you suggested were perfect for our family and our vacation.

[previous yacht] Captain Donald, Audrey and Richard... We can’t say enough about our past week on the Bamarandi! You guys went above and beyond to make our family trip unforgettable. If you are ever in the US, "It’s just a short trip to Alabama". Cheers to you!

Thanks for bringing our family together for a fabulous vacation! We can't imagine a better crew - ya'll are the best! Everything has exceeded our expectations! The food, service and activities were over the top – we can't wait to travel with ya'll again!

Thank you for an amazing trip! I had so much fun! Maybe next time I'll jump captain, more… You and your crew, Audrey and Richard are an inspiration!

[previous yacht] 5 charters in and everything keeps getting better. You are truly family to us, and we look forward to next year with you in the BVI. The conversation, food, service, sights, experiences (boom jumps, scooters, dives, lost maps, early bedtimes) laughs and indelible memories will be cherished forever. Till next time, be well, my friends. This is not a goodbye… it is till I see you again. Love you all!

Thank you for another fabulous holiday. I enjoyed all of your new creations, Audrey and all of the dives, Donald and wonderful cocktails, Richard. Thank you for all the new memories. Until next time.

Donald, thank you for the amazing experiences on this trip! You never seem to disappoint! (I am jealous of your drone). Audrey, thank you for all of the delicious food! I think that the Tropical Chicken Salad is still my favorite. Richard, if I ever decide to pop around to South Africa, I will be sure to message you. By the way, I will dominate you in any game of your choice!  

Thank you for another amazing vacation. I had so much fun doing the dives, jumps and the scooters! I will miss you and can’t wait to see you again!

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