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out of office - testimonials
Reviews of Out of Office, BVI crewed charter yacht
The trip was amazing. Beyond amazing. It could not have been better. The food was beautifully presented and far exceeded my expectations. How does Louize do that? Every meal blew us away. Every time we sat down to eat, there was a different table setting.

The boat is wonderful. I am very meticulous about where I stay. The cabins were comfortable, had plenty of closet space, and while I wasn't looking forward to a marine head, I don’t know what the fuss was all about. Everything was clean clean clean!

I would go back to OUT OF OFFICE and sail with this crew in a heartbeat, and I plan to do that! I looked at some of the large, multi-million dollar yachts around us and I thought, Ha! I have it all right here. I wouldn't consider any other choice. We had it all on OUT OF OFFICE.

Stuart and Louize are a lovely couple. They worked so hard. I can't imagine how they did that with 9 guests, but we didn't want for anything.

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