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pearl - crew profile

captain: simeon korfanty (uk)
Simeon's love of boats and sailing starting when he became a PADI SCUBA Instructor in Greece. British by birth, Simeon also worked as a SCUBA Instructor in Nicaragua, Vietnam and the Maldives before landing himself a job in the British Virgin Islands on a large charter yacht as SCUBA Instructor and Deckhand. Simeon has completed over 4,600 SCUBA dives, certified 220 students and trained 6 Divemasters.

In 2009, he took a sabbatical, first purchasing a 27' sailing yacht and having many adventures throughout the Caribbean. Ask him to tell you the stories about Cuba and the Coast Guard. It will spice up your cocktail hour aboard PEARL. Captain and chef aboard BVI crewed charter yacht, PearlFor cocktail hour, Simeon's specialty is a Basil Grande, Chambord with Cranberry Juice with strawberries crushed and sieved thru a tea strainer, shaken up and then garnished with a basil leaf floating on top with a twist of cracked pepper! After his sail around the Caribbean on his own boat, he went back to the United Kingdom to obtain his Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer certificate for his own personal knowledge.

Simeon is also an accomplished free diver who trained with 16-time world champion Umberto Pelizzari in Egypt. Simeon has a personal breath hold time of 5 minutes and 35 seconds and depth personal best of 148.5 feet. Please don't get him to try that on charter, but he could probably pick up the sunglasses you drop off the boat! Simeon has done approximately 150 charters throughout the Caribbean steadily climbing the ladder until he became a Captain. About that time, Simeon thought that he would try his hand at crewing Mega yachts and landed a highly coveted job on Motor Yacht A, 393ft long, and crossing the Atlantic more then once, including delivering a 55 meter yacht from Italy to St Martin.

After spending the winter season as Lead Dive Instructor on a large dive boat, he is thrilled to land the position on PEARL as Captain along with his partner Alayna. Simeon’s current hobby besides trying to keep in shape, is reading all the manuals for the very modern and advanced systems on Catamaran Pearl that will make your charter a delight!

chef/hostess: alayna beebe (us)
Alayna Beebe grew up in Newport, RI where she learned to sail and race at a young age mainly on J boats and Lasers. Her passion for life on the water followed her after graduating from Hobart and William Smith College in upstate NY. After 10 years working between the corporate world and the hospitality industry, Alayna made the jump to full time crew on a variety of vessels ranging from a 85ft private Sport fishing custom built Johnson, cruising the East coast of the USA, to a 105ft sailing and dive charter boat in the BVI.

Alayna's first step onto yachts was as a Stewardess/Deckhand but started to gravitate towards cooking and creation very early on. Her time in event planning and her Studio Arts degree was an outlet for her creative brain which she now loves to express in the culinary world. Her emphasis on health and wellness has driven her to look for healthy fresh cuisine that doesn't sacrifice flavor or aesthetics. She is newly certified open diver and loves to dive the beautiful sites around the BVI with the guests as much as possible.

In her downtime Alayna still loves to paint with acrylics and to learn about the history and origins of food and cooking. Health and fitness also has a strong presence in her life and she likes to run and exercise whenever the opportunity arisis.

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