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sayang - crew profile
captain: mike jones (rsa)
chef/first mate: jemma mcgrath (irl)
Jemma and Mike are a young, fun loving couple who have a passion for travel and adventure. They met 10 years ago where they attended the same college. They then proceeded to work together in the Mediterranean on sail and motor yachts and instantly fell in love with the endless excitement and adventures they experienced through sailing. Their love for meeting new people and exploring new places has brought them to the Caribbean. Whether you're interested in sailing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, discovering uninhabited islands or just simply relaxing in one of the most tropical destinations in the world, they will tailor your experience accordingly.

Born in South Africa, Jemma attended school and college in her hometown in Cape Town. After a few years working in Marketing, Jemma's interest in travel was sparked and she set off for Spain. Having grown up on boats she naturally gravitated towards working in the yachting industry. This is where Mike and her began working in the Mediterranean together with Mike as the Skipper and Jemma sole Stewadess turned chef to two boats. She has obtained her RYA Day Skipper’s Certificate. Jemma also has a background in hospitality and has worked in some of the best hotels and restaurants in and around Cape Town where her love for good food all began.

Growing up in South Africa, Mike always had a deep seeded passion for all water sports, especially sailboats. Upon finishing his degree, he began his yachting career with a 45 day passage from Cape Town to St Maarten. That experience had Mike hooked and he proceeded to work on different boats around the world. After obtaining his RYA Yachtmaster Offshore for both motor and sail boats he began skippering two boats simultaneously. Sailing boats and the adventure that ensues is what drives Mike's love for the ocean. He has acquired his RYA Yachtmaster Ocean and AEC Engineering Course.

Jemma and Mike look forward to having you onboard Sayang and showing you the best that the Caribbean has to offer.

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