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sayang - testimonials
Sayang, BVI crewed charter yacht
[previous crew] Thanks for showing us all the beautiful islands of the BVI. Loved all the inside scoops. Food was great too! Had a great time.

[previous crew] The last day of the greatest vacation ever. Reflecting on the highlights. Feeling like we experienced all the BVI has to offer, while knowing there is so much more. When we return, it will only be with Paul and Ratna, as it was the crew that made the vacation. Though we don't have experiences to measure this by, it would be difficult to imagine a captain more focused on providing an experience of genuine pleasure. We were continually in awe of Ratna's ability to create fine dining out of the air. We all agree that meals on the boat were better than meals on shore - which were also delicious.

[previous crew] We had a family vacation we will never forget. It truly was an experience above our expectations! With only one true person with sailing experience the other three of us were a bit nervous about a week of sailing about. We needn’t have worried. Sailing is truly a calming, zen-like, serene experience. I especially loved sitting and watching other boats, the sky, and feeling the warm breeze. Ratna, your kind , calm manner made life easy and comfortable and I am so grateful and appreciative of your delicious meals, that helped make it a true holiday for me too! Paul is charming and entertaining and we were grateful for his knowledge of the who’s who in this part of the world.

This holiday ranks right at the top for our favorite holiday. It is certainly a wonderful way to see the other islands of the BVI, and we would have missed so much had we just stayed at a couple of resorts on two islands.

Thank you for sharing your home with us, it was an honor. The Sayang truly is a sweetheart, in any language.

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