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skimmer - crew profile
captain: peter leube (rsa)
Peter was born in South Africa of German descent. As a teenager he loved the ocean and spent as much time as possible in or on the waves. He was an excellent competitor on the South African Sport Fishing Team. He was inspired by his interest in ships to join the South African Navy. Professional captain and chef onboard crewed yacht, SkimmerAfter leaving the Navy he began a Salvage Company and grew to renown for salvaging many wrecks off the southern coast of Africa.

Peter has led a fascinating life, which with a little coaxing he will happily chat about. He retired from salvage, invested in plastics manufacture, and purchased a game and cattle farm. In 2002 he answered the call of the sea once again. In Mozambique he owned and operated a charter fishing company. Whenever the opportunity arose he crossed the Atlantic Ocean on boat deliveries. Eventually he settled in the Caribbean, captaining several of the finest charter yachts in the region.

Peter inspires confidence. Guests feel immediately secure, at home and at ease aboard SKIMMER when he is in command. Peter holds an RYA/MCA Yacht Master Offshore Ocean and Master of Yachts 200 Tons. He is a PADI Open Water Instructor and dive master. He is a man of the world, with a twinkle in his eye, a charming sense of humor, and lots of stories to share. Guests only need to hang around the helm a bit, or get together for sundowners on deck, to listen to them.

chef: colleen leube (rsa)
Colleen greets people with an endearing smile and genuine warmth. She is an accomplished professional, at once a highly skilled Chef and a caring, intuitive Stewardess. Perhaps that's because she’s always been passionate about working with people. Originally from Zimbabwe, Colleen has had extensive experience in the hospitality industry in southern Africa and abroad. She owned and operated a busy game farm and a charter fishing company, before becoming a charter yacht chef.

Colleen studied at Le Cordon Bleu and as a qualified Chef can prepare delicious Italian, French, Greek, Asian, Indian, Latin and Caribbean cuisine. She is also an expert at special diets, should guests have restrictions, or bake pastries, cakes and tarts, for guests happy to swim off a few extra calories.

Charter clients can count on Colleen for more than great food and impeccable service. If guests need a bit of assistance with diving gear, she’s a PADI advanced diver. Living in the Caribbean she knows the best on shore activities; restaurants, spas, shops and entertainment, and will arrange for exciting, customized excursions. Colleen will plan and organize delightful events. She can launch the merrymaking with a beach barbecue, themed dinner, or full moon party. Whatever guest preferences, Colleen will enthusiastically make it happen. She truly prepares a five-star experience for each and every guest aboard SKIMMER.

mate: david 'naval' shilton (rsa)
David Shilton, affectionately called “Naval” by his friends, grew up in the coastal town of Knysna, South Africa, in the district aptly named Eden. With spectacularly beautiful and consistently perfect weather, conditions are ideal for year around boating and watersports activities.Mate on 5-cabin BVI charter yacht, Skimmer Naval started sailing as a schoolboy, competitive dinghy sailing, canoeing, and excelling at rugby. The year the school Principal wrote a report that stated “David is the backbone of the rugby team” was one of his proudest moments.

However, Naval’s acknowledgement as a team anchor was just one of many accolades. In 2007, 2008 and 2009, he won various men’s single-handed sailing championships. This perfect candidate for the Navy joined up after finishing school, studied seamanship and trained as a diver. He represented the Navy in two world championships and sailed the Cape to Rio Race 2011 as the Watch Captain for the navy yacht.

Naval went on to work as a commercial diver, a skipper, a guide, and a captain on passenger and charter yachts. He completed numerous ocean crossings and has extensive experience in worldwide racing. When he is not at the helm in a professional capacity he is usually found out in his own boat, fishing, skiing, diving, tubing, or just cruising around. He is elated to be part of the crew aboard SKIMMER and sums up, “I have always loved boats. Sailing as a sport has always been my passion. Yachting as a career just came naturally.”

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