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skimmer - crew profile
Michael and Jennifer's love affair with sailing evolved from a desire to travel at a pace slow enough for all the colors of the world to soak in and leave a stain. They are adventure seekers on a quest of discovery, excitement and thrills. You can rely on them for exposure to places seldom visited and being introduced to a lifestyle outside the ordinary.

Their quest began in Portland, Oregon. Jennifer was attending culinary school and Michael worked in a corporate office downtown. They bought an old ranch home on the outskirts of the city and remodeled it one small nibble at a time. It may have been finished sooner if they weren't so busy hiking, camping, fishing, diving and skiing. Crew of three on BVI crewed charter yacht, SkimmerTo embark on a lifestyle of travel, they put their careers on hiatus and sold their home and most of their belongings, only to keep what would fit in a few duffel bags.

A sailboat intrinsically became the vehicle to propel their odyssey. The search began for an ideal boat to be both sound for passage making and comfortable for cruising. The answer to their discerning wanderlust for the open seas came when they stumbled upon a gem of an unfinished catamaran. Given their ambitious nature, they took on the completion of this audacious build. For the past several years, they have been reconstructing and designing this sailboat to navigate around the world. It is 45 feet in length and an amalgamation of modern multi-hull design concepts. A significant construction milestone positioned them in a palpable position to work as private yacht crew while refining the final aspects.

In 2013, they moved to British Virgin Islands to freelance as a Captain and Chef team. Michael and Jennifer operated a number of different charter catamarans. A highlight was being part of the crew delivering Richard Branson's 105 foot catamaran to Florida. At the end of their fist season, they found full-time positions on AdAstra, a 57 foot Lagoon catamaran. Over the course of two years they operated over 30 charters on AdAstra, including voyages in the British Virgin Islands, Spanish Virgin Islands and the Saints (St Maaren & St Barths).

captain: michael lang (usa)
Michael is originally from Silicon Valley outside San Francisco, California. He approaches life as an expedition in search of exhilarating experiences. He traveled for a few years working for a Danish wind turbine company, then spent a total of 15 years in after-sales operations and engineering support. He has constructed power plants all over the United States and overseas in Germany and Denmark. Now Michael has left the corporate world in search of a bigger adventure.

Outside of work, Michael always has a big project in the works or is planning an excursion to someplace new. At the moment it is their 45 foot Blue Water Catamaran. Past projects include their house remodel and on the side, a 4x4 RV for serious road excursions.

His goal is to be able to go in search of outdoor excitement in any direction, land or sea. Michael is happy to be a guide for outdoor activities, diving and water sports. His practice in addressing challenges has fostered an even-keeled character, reinforced with the patience to reap the potential of hard work while leading life with imagination. He accentuated the pursuit of his dreams with a can-do attitude. Michael is a chocolate monster, loves technical challenges and enjoys sharing is life experience with guests.

chef: jennifer lang (usa)
Jennifer is originally from the beautiful Pacific Northwest near Portland, Oregon. With a passion for fresh local food and world cuisines, she went on to develop her craft as a chef by earning a degree from the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. As part of her schooling she traveled to Paris, France where she honed her skills and specialized in patisserie. After seven years as an executive chef for tasteful startups, and a jaunt in artisan bakery, she was ready for a new challenge by pursuing a career in health care. While attending Portland State University, she worked as a professional nanny and personal chef for busy families. The culmination of these experiences has driven her to excel as an outstanding yacht chef and steward.

Now, as Chef on Skimmer, she is excited to be back at her roots, allowing her adoration as a chef to shine through. She has high standards for quality food. Her methods of cooking from scratch with raw ingredients cater to fastidious and well-trekked palates. Jennifer is an expert when it come to food allergies (gluten, soy, egg, nuts, dairy, shellfish etc) because she lives with one of the most difficult food intolerance afflictions. She has a genetic autoimmune disorder that prevents her from eating gluten, called Celiacs disease. She will provide a safe haven for those with allergies or other dietary restrictions. Jennifer doesn't eat chocolate, she loves garden, and she is a perfectionist in (and out) of the galley.

mate/steward: david shilton (rsa)
David Shilton, affectionately called "Naval" by his friends, grew up in the coastal town of Knysna, South Africa, in the district aptly named Eden. With spectacularly beautiful and consistently perfect weather, conditions are ideal for year around boating and watersports activities. Naval started sailing as a schoolboy, competitive dinghy sailing, canoeing, and excelling at rugby. The year the school Principal wrote a report that stated "David is the backbone of the rugby team" was one of his proudest moments.

However, Naval's acknowledgement as a team anchor was just one of many accolades. In 2007, 2008 and 2009, he won various men's single-handed sailing championships. This perfect candidate for the Navy joined up after finishing school, studied seamanship and trained as a diver. He represented the Navy in two world championships and sailed the Cape to Rio Race 2011 as the Watch Captain for the navy yacht.

Naval went on to work as a commercial diver, a skipper, a guide, and a captain on passenger and charter yachts. He completed numerous ocean crossings and has extensive experience in worldwide racing. When he is not at the helm in a professional capacity he is usually found out in his own boat, fishing, skiing, diving, tubing, or just cruising around. He is elated to be part of the crew aboard SKIMMER and sums up, "I have always loved boats. Sailing as a sport has always been my passion. Yachting as a career just came naturally".

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