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stargazer - testimonials
Stargazer, BVI crewed charter yacht

How would you rate the booking process?
Was a little glitchy as the boat was in the process of being sold, and it didn't seem that the message about the charter got to the old owner or new one right away. However, it all worked out in the end just fine.

Is there any way we could have improved our service?
Penny was very responsive and helpful - especially since we booked very last minute. She was persistent and accommodating.

What was your first impression of the yacht?
Very nice! Just as the photos depicted. Was in process of being fixed up a bit. Had a couple of items needing repair including the anchor chain and the water pump. Otherwise, things were in pretty good shape.

Was advertised equipment onboard and in good condition?

Did the skipper/hostess make you feel welcome and comfortable onboard?
Yes, very much so.

Did you feel free to choose activities?

Please provide specific comments regarding your skipper and hostess.
They are knowledgeable and gracious sailors and hosts! Captain Cactus knows his stuff, and Betsy is a very good cook! They were training a new young couple to help crew, and they were all excellent. Very professional.

Were the meals and beverages as you expected?

If you made any special requests were they met?

Was this your first visit to the BVI?

Would you recommend this yacht for a charter vacation?

Would you recommend Best of BVI Boats?

Thank you for a wonderful sailing vacation. Your warm hospitality and never-ending service made out trip truly relaxing. All the meals were outstanding. Melissa, you surpassed all our expectations of dining on a boat. Thank you both for being so wonderful with four teenagers! Wish you both good health and happy sailing!!

Thank you again for such a perfect vacation experience and for taking such wonderful care.  We appreciated every minute on Stargazer and our time with you both.

How can we say in just a few words how much we are blessed because of our time with you.  No one has ever made us feel so comfortable so quickly.  You are so much fun and two of our favorite people.

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