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vacoa - crew profile
captain: leon venter (rsa)
first mate: wendy venter (rsa)
Leon and Wendy Venter are South African and Zimbabwe born. Both are outgoing and have a love for sailing and water sports, deciding to leave their corporate and business world behind in South Africa to pursue Captain and crew onboard 5-cabin crewed charter yacht, Vacoatheir love for the outdoors in the stunning Caribbean.

In South Africa, Leon had his own engineering business for thirty years plus, doing on-site machining in the Sugar, Petroleum, Paper and Marine Industries in South Africa and other African countries. Leon has been sailing recreationally since a young boy and has always had a passion for the sea and diving.

Wendy was involved in the corporate world of Mercedes Benz, having been in the financial side for several years and with the Barlows Group previously. Her love for the outdoors, sailing since a young girl with her family in Zimbabwe and then in South Africa and her love for diving made the decision they made to re-locate to the Caribbean an easy one.

Wendy and Leon have sailed extensively up the east African coastline on their own catamaran and have raced several Vasco Da Gama Yacht Races from Maputo in Mocambique to Durban, South Africa. Leon has his Master Of Yachts Offshore to 200 tons Captains Licence as well as his South African Coastal Skippers Licence. Leon is a PADI Divemaster of several years, both him and Wendy have been in the charter industry in the Caribbean since 2011 from St Vincent and the Grenadines, to St Maarten and then the British Virgin Islands.

Leon and Wendy look forward to having you on board the luxurious Vacoa, to pampering and indulging you in your favourite water sport, strolling on the beach, to gourmet dining or just plain relaxing, soaking in the delights of the Caribbean, sipping a cocktail.

chef: lisa mead (aus)
Chef, Lisa Mead joins Vacoa with a wealth of experience and some highly placed recommendations. Lisa trained in Queensland, Australia, where she originates from and, after qualifying, went on to cook in a variety of restaurants. Chef aboard Vacoa, 5-cabin crewed charter yachtFor the past 15 years, Lisa has been a Chef in Australia, the Mediterranean and Caribbean. She has created Epicurean delights on a variety of luxury yachts, 5 star villas and numerous high quality restaurants. Her wide experience in this industry is extraordinary. Lisa also spent time in Asia, where she gained valuable experience with local cuisine. Whilst in Asia, Lisa also learned to speak conversational Malay, Indonesian and Japanese. With glowing references from around the world, Lisa has also had the opportunity to cook for some fascinating people during her career including celebrities, royalty and heads of state. In her spare time, Lisa dedicates herself to her other passion as an artist, and has exhibited her paintings in galleries throughout Australia and the British Virgin Islands.

Leon, Wendy and Lisa make a very professional, friendly and complementary team and look forward to welcoming guests aboard VACOA.

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