BVI COVID-19 Entry Protocols



To protect visitors and the people of the British Virgin Islands, the following protocols were announced Sep 22, 2021

Updated Sep 22, 2021:
  • As of Oct 1 2021, fully vaccinated persons travelling from overseas are no longer required to complete the entry protocol and do not need to advise travel details, but would be required to provide proof of a negative RT-PCR test within five (5) days of arrival and provide satisfactory evidence of being fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated travellers will be subject to a Rapid Test on arrival at $50/person.
    *NB: From Sep 18 a curfew between 1am-5am will be enforced
  • Partially vaccinated persons travelling from overseas would require a PCR test within (5) days of travel; provide satisfactory evidence of being partially vaccinated, and will be subject to a PCR test or rapid antigen test upon arrival in the Territory (day zero) and quarantined for a period of four (4) days. Details to be uploaded to BVI Gateway

Where fully vaccinated persons are travelling with one or more unvaccinated child:

  • Children aged 5-17 will be tested on arrival
  • Children will remain with their fully-vaccinated parents/guardians while awaiting their test results
  • Unvaccinated children will be subject to a further test on day four

Unvaccinated Travel Requirements:

  • The quarantine period for unvaccinated travellers is seven (7) days
  • Where people are travelling in mixed groups with some individuals unvaccinated, the entire party will be treated as unvaccinated and will also be required to quarantine for seven (7) days upon arrival

Full details can be found HERE