Sunreef 80ft - 2022


Yacht description

Wow! These Sunreef 80ft catamarans are amazing – modern, spacious and absolutely gorgeous! There is great accommodation for up to 8 guests in 1 King and 3 Queen cabins – two of these queen beds split into twins which make the accommodation very flexible. All the cabins have large windows so you can wake up to the beautiful Caribbean scenery. The décor is very modern and uncluttered with lots of light and neutral colours throughout.

The salon area is huge offering comfy seating and an indoor dining option. The expansive windows offer an ever-changing view and lots of light, complementing the modern decor. On decks, there is the ever popular third floor flybridge, a large cockpit offers dining and comfy seating.

Penny's personal opinion

Why book Seaclusion – BEING PAMPERED – with four crew members you can enjoy amazing gourmet food, fantastic water sports experiences, creative cocktails and NEVER have to lift a finger! Add to this the onboard luxury – cabins with walk-in showers, tons of space and a neat hydraulic lift at the back making getting in and out of the water or dinghy super easy.

Yacht layout


  • Yacht
    • Fully air conditioned
    • Onboard wifi
    • Salon TV
    • Hairdryers
    • Jacuzzi
    • Water maker
    • Ice Maker
  • Water Toys
    • Williams 15ft jetboat/w 230hp
    • Adult water skis
    • Kids water skis
    • Snorkel gear
    • Kneeboard
    • Wakeboard - 1 adult & 1 child
    • Water tubes - 1 x 4 man tube / 1 x 3 man tube
    • SUP x 2
    • Inflatable sailing boat
    • Inflatable trampoline
    • Lift Foil (on request)
    • Double Kayak
    • Sea scooter x4

Onboard experience

Crew profile
Captain Ricky and Chef Jess, originating from South Africa are the first friendly faces to welcome you onboard SY Seaclusion for your dream vacation. Being a natural water adventurer as a young man Ricky loved surfing, fishing, he spent plenty of time on the beach being a life saver and has also completed his Scuba Diving Divemaster qualification.
Sample menu
This is a sample menu only to give you an idea of your chef’s cooking style. Your menu will be personalised for you - designed around your food and drink preferences. Most chefs are able to adapt to different dietary requirements such as vegetarian or gluten free but please let us know at the time of booking so we can check for you. Menu coming soon

Rental rates

7 nights
6 nights
5 nights
2 $ 84,000 $ 72,000 $ 70,000
3 $ 85,000 $ 72,857 $ 70,833
4 $ 86,000 $ 73,714 $ 71,667
5 $ 87,000 $ 74,571 $ 72,500
6 $ 88,000 $ 75,429 $ 73,333
7 $ 89,000 $ 76,286 $ 74,167
8 $ 90,000 $ 77,143 $ 75,000

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.


2 $ 89,000 $ 76,286 $ 74,167
3 $ 90,000 $ 77,143 $ 75,000
4 $ 91,000 $ 78,000 $ 75,833
5 $ 92,000 $ 78,857 $ 76,667
6 $ 93,000 $ 79,714 $ 77,500
7 $ 94,000 $ 80,571 $ 78,333
8 $ 95,000 $ 81,429 $ 79,167

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.


2 $ 94,000 $ 80,571 $ 78,333
3 $ 95,000 $ 81,429 $ 79,167
4 $ 96,000 $ 82,286 $ 80,000
5 $ 97,000 $ 83,143 $ 80,833
6 $ 98,000 $ 84,000 $ 81,667
7 $ 99,000 $ 84,857 $ 82,500
8 $ 100,000 $ 85,714 $ 83,333

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.



1-8 guests
7 nights minimum
Charters during Christmas week are required to finish by Dec 26
BVI Ports Only


1-8 guests
7 nights minimum
New Year charters commence no earlier than Dec 28
BVI Ports Only


Includes boarding after 4pm, welcome cocktail, dinner to be taken ashore at client’s expense, breakfast is provided the next morning.
Minimum 6 nights, excludes Christmas and New Year weeks.

Deduct $150/person/week from all-inclusive rate

Includes 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches & 3 dinners. Requires 3 lunches and 4 dinners to be taken ashore at client’s expense.

Deduct $75/person/week from all-inclusive rate

Includes 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches & 6 dinners. Requires 2 lunches and 1 dinner ashore at client expense.

Charter information

  • A crew gratuity, based on your level of satisfaction, but typically 15-20% of the charter rate is not included
  • SXM ports are available with approval; ADD $5,000 – (round trip, not each way)
  • Please ask for USVI charters or drops. These can be offered depending on our schedule and commitments. Extra fees and turnaround time in between charters may be necessary.
  • Please inquire about SCUBA diving. A Divemaster can be added for a week at an additional fee for charters leaving one cabin open.
  • Information and rates quoted on this website are believed to be correct but are subject to change without notice.


View all (6)
  • All we can say is “What a crew”. Captain Ricky, Chef Jess, first mate Jake, and dynamite in a small package Nyla were in perpetual motion and able to anticipate our every desire. The crew is absolutely five-star! The best thing is all of the crew’s hidden talents that just may show up upon request. Love these guys.
    Murph & Renee

    You are all amazing I can’t wait until we all link again. I love you all!

    Thank you all for such an amazing experience! These memories I will hold onto for a lifetime.
    Love Ashlee

  • Merwin Family

    This was so much fun you guys. Nyla it was so much fun helping and watching you clean. PS mom really loved your vacuum make sure to hide it.

    Jake tubing was so much fun thank you for putting up with me. I loved the scoot scoots, I might have to take one. Don’t be surprised if one is missing 😉

    Jess loved the food. I eat a lot of food so ya, you have a gift for food. Thank you for filling my belly.

    Ricky make sure not to steal my phone again, I might have a heart attack because I most likely be the one to drop my phone in the water. Luckily that didn’t happen though.

    Best vacation ever

    This was a most wonderful vacation with lovely people. You all made us feel so special and pampered. There are so many things to thank for, bet I’ll just say it is very hard to develop such a close relationship in such a short time. We will miss you all. Stay safe, we will keep in touch until next time.
    Much love, Paulette

  • Whitney, Holly, Tammy, Cindy, Annette, Elizabeth

    I have always loved butterflies – not just because they are beautiful, but because of all the patience and struggle it does to fly.

    This is my first time sailing – now every time I see a sail boat I will always think of its beauty but will remember of all of your hard work, patience and at times struggle to allow us to sail and enjoy freely.

    Thank you for the memories, laughter & best Easter ever.


    Thank you again and again for our extraordinary adventure on your Seaclusion! Thank you for all the care, concern, thoughtfulness, safety and kindness you so graciously gave us. Every detail was so beautifully done and we are so grateful for you all. The food was superb Jess! Our rooms, tables and decor was so beautiful Nyla! Our every need addresses Jacob & our fun and safety was secured Ricky.

    Best crew & captain ever. Thank you for the lifetime memories. With gratitude & admiration, love & appreciation. All the very best.

  • “What an incredible time we had aboard Seaclusion. The food (thank you Jess) was healthy, delicious, eclectic and quite frankly sublime. Thank you Ricky – “Lekker like a cracker captain” for the wonderful chart planning and great laughs, the stunning sailing experience and the warmth and welcome your team extended to us. Seaclusion and the crew are a real ‘gem’ – keep it a secret – tell no one, only kidding. We loved it and love you.
    Greg & Rachel

    A magical birthday charter. This doesn’t happen by accident, magical ingredients are needed. Beautiful food, great energy, kindness, fabulous service, did I mention this food?!!

    Our captain Ricky & Jess the host of the yacht, Nyla sweet and clever & her table decorations WOW, then we have Jacob wonderful beyond belief. Altogether this makes for probably our greatest charter ever and thank you all from our hearts.
    Many blessings and good health.
    Simon & Mandy

  • Michael

    Quality of service and cleanliness aboard: 5/5
    Meals and beverages: 5/5
    Yacht and her equipment: 5/5
    Itinerary and locations visited: 5/5
    Overall enjoyment of vacation: 5/5

    Ricky and Jessica were just outstanding from the moment we stepped onboard and the heart breaking goodbyes when our adventure ended. They were more accommodating than most major hotels I’ve stayed at. But the best part is we got the excellent service of a major hotel, only we were on the crystal waters of the BVI… just heaven. Ricky and Jessica didn’t understand the word “no”! Because their answer was “no problem”. Great time + great crew = great vacation which is what I had! Can’t wait to do it again and have the opportunity to sail with them.

  • Anna & Geoff

    What a team! Supported brilliantly by Jacob and Nyla. Thank you all so much for a fabulous week. Nothing was too much, amazing food, service and sailing. Great crew, great boat, we will definitely be returning.
    With love and thanks.

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