Lagoon 57ft - 2006, refit 2019

Tabula Rasa

Yacht description

Tabula Rasa roughly translates to a clean slate or fresh start, which is a great name for a charter yacht. She is a Lagoon 57 catamaran that is ideal for up to 8 people. Four queen cabins offer comfort and luxury with top of the range linens and air conditioning. The crew have their own cabin and entrance so you have complete privacy onboard.

The crew are great, with a brilliant attitude and an inherent passion to provide you with the best vacation you can have. Tabula Rasa has a great selection of water toys and they can take you diving if you would like, three dives are included in the charter rate.

Penny's personal opinion

Why book Tabula Rasa? – THE YACHT – These Lagoon 57s are fantastic charter platforms offering space both above and below decks plus smooth and comfortable sailing. Tabula Rasa is also very reasonably priced but never fear not, no corners have been cut when it comes to onboard luxury, gourmet food and amazing cocktails!

Yacht layout


  • Yacht
    • Fully air conditioned
    • Salon TV
    • Device hookups
    • Onboard wi-fi
    • Hair dryers
    • Water maker
  • Water Toys
    • 13ft RIB w/40hp
    • Snorkel gear
    • Adult waterskis (on request)
    • Towing tube
    • SUP
    • Floating mats
    • Beach games

Onboard experience

Crew profile
Because of their history of working well together, Jack and Kaycee create a fun and playful environment while remaining professional. Having spent years in the customer service industry they love to take care of each guests needs in their own exciting way.
Sample menu
This is a sample menu only to give you an idea of your chef’s cooking style. Your menu will be personalised for you - designed around your food and drink preferences. Most chefs are able to adapt to different dietary requirements such as vegetarian or gluten free but please let us know at the time of booking so we can check for you.

Rental rates

7 nights
6 nights
5 nights
2 $ 16,500 $ 14,143 $ 13,750
3 $ 17,250 $ 14,786 $ 14,375
4 $ 18,000 $ 15,429 $ 15,000
5 $ 18,750 $ 16,071 $ 15,625
6 $ 19,500 $ 16,714 $ 16,250
7 $ 20,250 $ 17,357 $ 16,875
8 $ 21,000 $ 18,000 $ 17,500

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.

2 $ 16,500 $ 14,143 $ 13,750
3 $ 17,250 $ 14,786 $ 14,375
4 $ 18,000 $ 15,429 $ 15,000
5 $ 18,750 $ 16,071 $ 15,625
6 $ 19,500 $ 16,714 $ 16,250
7 $ 20,250 $ 17,357 $ 16,875
8 $ 21,000 $ 18,000 $ 17,500

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.

$18,000 plus all expenses for 7 nights

Includes Captain, linens and towels, dishes and flatware, cooking utensils and cookware and use of water sports equipment

Not included: Fuel, water, Customs and Immigration, food and beverages, mooring and docking fees, diving, gratuity


1-8 guests
7 nights minimum
Charters during Christmas week are required to finish by Dec 26. Start and finish in St Thomas.


1-8 guests
7 nights minimum
New Year charters commence no earlier than Dec 27.  Start and finish in St Thomas.

Deduct $150/person/week from all-inclusive rate

Half-board rates include 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 3 dinners, snacks and standard bar; all other meals to be taken ashore at guests’ expense


Board after 4pm, dinner to be taken ashore at guests’ expense but breakfast the following morning is included. Sleepaboard available with 6-night minimum for half-board, 7-night minimum for all-inclusive.

3 dives per week included for certified divers; valid on charters 6 nights or more

Additional dives $25 per person per dive
Diving group number depends on certified divers’ experience

Charter information

  • A crew gratuity, based on your level of satisfaction, but typically 15-20% of the charter rate is not included
  • BVI Fees not included – please budget an additional $150/person/week


View all (5)
  • Dane, Charlotte, Dana, Wintz, Ali & River

    It’s so hard to put into words how much this vacation has meant to our family. We have put the hours into planning out outfits, mostly matching :), our want-to-do list, and praying for an easy travel. We can easily say this trip has exceeded our expectations and desires. The best part of this vacation was being able to see my father-in-law and husband relax. Jack was right there with whatever they needed and Kaycee gave lots of laughs and home cooked meals.We joked about calling Jack and Kaycee our “Boat Dad” and “Boat Mom”, but that’s exactly how they represented themselves. They take great care of you and get to know you as a person, not just a charter. Jack and Kaycee, thank you for giving our family time to unwind and relax. We haven’t had that in a very long time. To say you have become family, couldn’t be more true. We can’t wait for you to both come up to central FL where we can show Kaycee the farm! You are both amazing and we wish you the absolute best. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! All together now “you may now kiss the bride”.

    This was my first trip anywhere. You both treated me like a little sister. I am so thankful for your trips for apple juice, milk, and of course, our extra diaper run. You both are amazing people and have made sure no matter what, I had what I needed. Seeing my family laugh and getting to spend time with my daddy was my favorite part. Thank you for my unicorn! I will always remember my first time on “Tabby” through pictures and shared memories.
    River (14 months)

  • Kyle

    This was the best week I’ver ever had in my life. Jack was the best captain you could’ve ask for because of the open mind he has. I always felt safe with him sailing and places he brought us. I have a major love and passion for fishing and Jack truly cared about that. I could tell went out of his way to make my trip more enjoyable.

    Kaycee is single handily the best chef I have had and work in the smallest kitchen I have ever seen. I could not have asked for better food throughout the day with awesome desserts every night. She also made the best drinks and shots – you have to try, Tsunami and Cement Mixer.

    Over all I couldn’t have asked for a better group to spend Christmas with.

  • Mom, Rashelle

    Thank you for giving my family a great, unbelievable vacation!

    As kids get older, they slowly move away from you, they talk less, the just disappear.  My Christmas trips, among other adventures; bring us back together. I love these times where I can hang out with my kids and spend endless hours and opportunities, to discover or rediscover each other. Time goes by too quickly in life and before you know it your newborn is graduating high school and is not interested in having a conversation with you. Thank you Jack and Kaycee for an amazing week! We had an amazing trip! We blame you both for such a great time!

    Thank you!

  • Tyler, your new FL buddy

    This journal would normally be made out to the boat, but Jack and Kaycee made the trip tenfold better. The hikes, dives, snorkel and adventure were incredible and that much more. However, I genuinely feel like I made two new friends throughout our trip. It was an honor and privilege to get to know you two and connect on the trip. THANK YOU for helping me celebrate my 21st properly. Every detail was perfected and enhanced our experience.

    THE FOOD! AMAZING! THE DIVES! AMZING! But the crew was more than we could have ever asked for. See y’all in Florida.

    Love you both!

  • First boat trip and would absolute do it over again! If we got COVID again and had to quarantine I don’t think anyone would complain. Jack and Kaycee are amazing crew. I could have imagined anyone better. Under the circumstances this is the best trip I could’ve asked for!

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