Crew profile

Captain: Arnaud Blanck (France)
Chef/Hostess: Sonia (France)

Captain: Arnaud Blanck
Arnaud was born in a little village east of France. He spent the holidays of his childhood on the Mediterranean Sea, learning to sail on Hobie cat and Laser. In his early career choice, Arnaud studied child development psychology. He worked in social centers with trouble kids. His love for children takes him to the tourism industry managing the kids club in Club Med. There, his passion for sailing took shape.

To truly follow his dreams, he moved to the Caribbean island of Martinique in 2008 and sailed around the Caribbean as a professional skipper for 11 years. As freelance captain, he worked for several companies on different types and sizes of boats, chartering, delivering boats along the West Indies and across the Atlantic.

Learning to speak English was one of his main goals too and being in the Caribbean working with local businesses he achieved that goal, now he’s fluent.

Arnaud is not only passionate about the ocean, he also loves photography, free diving, hiking and travelling to different countries to experience their cultural backgrounds.

Chef/Hostess: Sonia
Sonia grew up in Les Sables d’Olonne, a small town on the French Atlantic coast, where the “Vendée Globe”, this legendary sailing race around the world, sets off. With a solid hotel trade and catering training, she began her professional life in Parisian restaurants before leaving for Saint Barth where she worked in a villa rental agency. She discovered sailing, traveling and exploring different gastronomies with Thailand, Venezuela, Argentina, New York, San Francisco and of course, the West Indies. With a French coast license and STW95 in hand, she started working on the water as a cook for charters in the Caribbean, in the Mediterranean Sea (Corsica, Porquerolles, the creeks of Marseille, etc.). She is also discovering the joy of being a team member on a “round trip” cross the Atlantic.

When in she is in France, she sails on “the Canal du Midi” on her river boat which is her home. She relish “home cooking” and she sets her menus according to the preferences and needs of the guests. She adapts her cooking to the diets and wishes of each one while respecting the “eating together” which is for her an important moment of pleasure and sharing on the water. She loves French gastronomy but also local and family cuisine. She masters the work of raw or cooked fish… she is aware of new eating habits (gluten free, lactose free) while respecting a gourmet cuisine adapted to its location.