Crew profile

Captain: Scott Nunnery (USA)
First Mate/Hostess (USA)
Chef: Kevin Joseph

Captain: Scott Nunnery
Scott Nunnery started his maritime career at 17. Going to sea as a student of oceanography he went on to achieve his masters in oceanography and spent 10 years studying climate change. Spending long periods at sea in some of the most remote corners of the world collecting data. In 2000, Scott decided to take his own adventure and went to sea aboard his own 53’ Roberts sloop and circumnavigated the globe. Spending long periods of time in the Pacific and Indian Oceans in some of the most remote archipelagos. During this time at sea Scott became a Master navigator and started running private and charter yachts all the way up to 180’. After surviving the tragic Tsunami of 2004 in Thailand, Scott moved on to the Mediterranean and ran large charter yachts between Spain and Turkey and everywhere in between. During his professional tenure as a yacht captain, Scott circumnavigated the globe for a second time racking up over 200,000 nm at sea.

Over the numerous charter seasons, Scott has become familiar with just about every island in the eastern Caribbean and the special little places only a catamaran can get to. With over 12 years experience Scott can ensure your trip will be safe and adventurous and full of sea stories into the night.

First Mate/Hostess: Mia Capps
Your Mate/Hostess aboard Laysan, Mia Capps, is a woman that is always on the move. With an affinity for both land and water activities, she is skilled in all sorts of sports. Hailing from Virginia Beach, the surrounding bays, rivers and Atlantic Ocean caused her to fall in love with the water at an early age. Pursuing land sports such as soccer (still holding a few University records), softball, and snowboarding during high school and college, Mia was later able to follow up with watersports, adventurously starting out in Australia. There she quickly developed kiteboarding, sailing and surfing skills to a level to enable teaching those sports upon her return to Virginia. She has sailed across the Atlantic, kited in over 30 countries, has paddled several hundred miles in 20 countries, and has competed in sailing and paddle boarding competitions where she raised thousands of dollars for a favorite charity.

Besides Mia’s love of sailing and watersports having taken her around the world, she has been able to gain skills and knowledge that truly enhance the charter experience on board. As a certified trainer for paddle boarding, kayaking, and kiteboarding you could not be in better hands on the water. Mia is also a PADI open water diver as well as a 50 GRT licensed yacht Captain! Mia’s skills now bring wing foiling to Laysan as well. This is something that is brand new to the market; only 1 or 2 boats are presently offering this.

Once the watersports and island activities are done, you will still not be disappointed. Mia likes to put on a show and keep her guests dancing, laughing, and trying new things. Interactive charters are a preference for this fun, athletic, and adventurous lady, but years in the service and charter business make her adaptable to any charter style. She loves people, kids, and making them happy, and her vibrant personality and enthusiasm for life are contagious. When not in the water she can be found making a clean and safe environment on board or busily preparing one of her Happy Hour specialty drinks. Let her lead some relaxing yoga to calm the spirit in the morning or at the end of the day should you like.

Mia loves discovering new cultures and meeting new people. “Everyone has a story and I love listening and learning”. Her motto is “Smile often and make every day an adventure!” Mia will ensure that is exactly what happens!

Chef: Kevin Joseph
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LAYSAN is a 2017, performance sailing catamaran with luxurious accommodations and lots of toys and gear. You decide the pace and activities of your holiday; the crew makes it all happen beautifully. Welcome aboard LAYSAN, your vacation of a lifetime.