Crew profile

Captain: Guillermo Fierro-Gonzalez
Chef: Kate (USA)

Captain: Guillermo Fierro-Gonzalez
Captain Guillermo’s spirit of adventure and love of the sea brought him to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. He has captained many charter vacations for people from all over the world. Captain Guillermo enjoys teaching his guests sailing techniques and guiding them in a hands-on sailing experience. If you desire a less-than hands-on experience, Captain Guillermo is happy to provide that as well. He will work with each guest to create a personalized and memorable tour of the islands.

Chef/Mate: Kate
Chef/Mate Kate is from the BIG state of Texas. Her excellent culinary skills have a truly southern flare with Tex-Mex influences and hints of Cajun cuisine. Kate can add the SPICE to your life or keep things toned to a more delicate pallet, and everything in between! She is able to tailor a meal plan to safety your dietary needs – so don’t be afraid to ask! Kate has a fresh energy and smile that makes every guest feel welcome in her kitchen and especially excited at her table.