Crew profile

Captain: Daniel (UK)
Chef/Mate: Florence Gagnon (Canada)

Captain: Daniel
Captain Dal comes from Yorkshire, in the North of England, and has been sailing since childhood, serving as a professional Captain for 11 years through the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Bahamas. Specialising almost exclusively in crewed yachts and luxury crewed charters, onboard sailing catamarans, and monohulls up to 76 feet, Dal’s love for sailing and the yachting lifestyle as a whole has extended into a passion for new adventures, immersing himself in a variety of cultures, meeting new and unlikely people, and hospitality.

Ensuring that he and his team provide their clients the absolute best possible experience on and offboard is a top priority, whilst providing a guest-focused, engaging, friendly and fun atmosphere. Dal is a keen and enthusiastic free diver, scuba diver, sailor, engineer, motorsports and soccer lover, and exceptionally laid-back and easygoing.



Chef/Mate: Florence Gagnon
Florence’s love for boats and the water began during her childhood when she used to visit her grandparents on their yacht. After a decade of traveling the world and working on various yachts, she decided to settle down in her hometown of Quebec City, Canada. It was there that her culinary journey began. While working in restaurants and exploring different countries, Florence’s experiences inspired her cooking. Her secret ingredient? Love! She believes it’s the key to making each meal extraordinary and full of flavor.

Florence’s connection to the water runs deep; it’s like a second nature to her. She’s passionate about free diving, scuba diving, and all things related to underwater life. She’s not just a chef; she’s an adventurous spirit. Florence loves activities like hiking, exploring, and swimming, and she’s eager to create unforgettable memories with the people who come on board.