Crew profile

Captain: Jaime Gabriel Ferra Valles (Spain)
Chef: Falk Hubert (Germany)
Stewardess: Alex Esteban Diaz (Chile)

Captain: Jaime Gabriel Ferra Valles
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Chef: Falk Hubert
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Steward/Deckhand: Alex Esteban Diaz
Bilingual Chilean, Alex Diaz is an industrious worker. He has a passion for perfection in both aspects of his work. As the deckhand – keeping the exterior shipshape and organizing the water toys, and as the steward – paying close attention to the interior details aboard Untethered. His silver service background in fine dining establishments lends a graceful charm to the plated table service. Alex’s Bachelor’s Degree in Ecotourism management make him intuitively aware of his environment. He enjoys watersports and playing the drums. Alex is professional, flexible and eager to please his guests and takes pride in his chosen career.