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bagheera - testimonials
Bagheera, 4-cabin Lagoon 620 BVI crewed charter yacht
We had a fabulous vacation aboard Bagheera. Our entire family of 8 agreed it was our best vacation ever! We loved the casualness of just getting up in the morning, putting on our swimsuits, or bathrobes, having breakfast and starting the day. Carla, Alex and Angus were tremendously accommodating and great hosts. We never wanted for anything. We did a good amount of sailing, which we all loved. Many times we would sit up top while Alex was driving and he would tell us the history about the areas we were passing. He was so knowledgeable. We left the itinerary in Alex's hands, and we could not have been more pleased with all of the beautiful areas he took us to. Beautiful private beaches, great snorkeling, fun bars, etc. It could not have been better.

We actually had a hard time leaving the Bagheera each time as it was so comfortable and indeed a home away from home. Carla made sure our beds were made, bathrooms cleaned, as well as serving 3 delicious meals a day with snacks! We really don't know how she did it. Angus the first mate was a delight! He was so impressive for a 19 year old! We loved hearing his stories. He actually joined us on some of our snorkeling adventures. We wanted to take him home with us. Our vacation aboard the Bagheera not only met our expectations, it far exceeded them.

[previous yacht] Mac and I wanted to send you a quick note thanking you again for a fabulous week touring the BVI's with you and your awesome crew. It was the vacation of a lifetime and one we will always treasure. I am a veteran cruiser and was very apprehensive about a catamaran trip, but it was PERFECTION! Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the adventure and that we are looking forward to going again – sooner than later.

The Avalon is spectacular! She is beautifully decorated and so spacious. It was wonderful having such abundant outside space to enjoy the glorious views. It is obvious that Avalon is well taken care of and very loved. Each time we came in to a cove, others were in awe. Not only were we the largest catamaran, but definitely the most beautiful. What an unbelievable boat!

Captain Alex, you made everyone feel at home from the moment we stepped onboard. Your knowledge and expertise in your job was apparent in every aspect of our trip. Your gentle smile put each one of us at ease and made sure that we were having fun. Your ability to share information, both fun and historical, made island hopping so much fun. It was fascinating that we always found "a front row spot", no matter where we went. You made certain that we were comfortable and were entertained, both on and off the boat. You encouraged us to stretch our comfort levels and enjoy the amenities – and that was a stretch for me. I will never forget being pulled at "slow" speed (your words) round and round the cove and later flying up in the sky on the rope swing. Wow! So much fun! And, you make a mean painkiller!

Carla, you are an amazing talent! Not only are you lovely, but you are extraordinary in the galley. Our meals and wine choices were delicious and the food presentation was incredible. Your attention to every detail - whether it was our food allergies or just our own personal preferences – was so appreciated. You made each meal – and cocktail hour - an event that we looked forward to each day. You know how much we loved your cookies and your willingness to share your scrumptious recipes was so kind. You are such an asset to your family and to the Avalon.

Bea, you made meal time so much fun. Your sweet smile and willingness to always please made each meal extra special. I will never forget your offering me "orange ju-ice" each morning and how you remembered our specific likes and dislikes. Your personality and ability to joke along with us made dining such a pleasure. We also appreciate how clean and organized you kept our rooms. That was quite the undertaking! Thank you for being so kind and helpful.

Again, we appreciate your many acts of kindness and for putting up with our craziness during our week on the Avalon. Thank you for making this week a special celebration and for giving us a lasting memory of "I'm on the boat!".

[previous yacht] As much as we loved our first trip to the BVI, this was by far several levels above that, we could not have made a better choice than Alex and Carla. Absolutely the best crew in the BVI, Carla's meals were amazing and Alex is just a crazy SOB, perfect for our group. The thing that was evident from the start is how attentive they both are to making sure you have a great time, which we did in spades.

We loved their approach to making our trip memorable, the itinerary was perfect, spent days at beautiful beaches and then Alex would run the girls to shore for shopping expeditions then come back and entertain the boys with watersports or fishing. They worked their butts off, constantly making us cocktails and spoiling us.

Avalon was very well maintained and we had no problems whatsoever, as we sailed to different locations; Alex provided commentary on the islands and points of interest, he's awesome.

They both made us feel like family, and I know I came away with a deeper respect for how much work is involved in taking care of 8 guests for a week. If you can't tell by now, we had an amazing trip with these two and only way I would come back is with Alex and Carla. I very much appreciate all you did to simplify the process. Hope to see ya'll again in the near future. Thanks again for a great trip.

[previous yacht] Thank you both for a wonderful family vacation. The food at every meal was incredible. Especially the evening with our birthday celebration & light show! Your patience & hospitality are unparalleled. The whole family enjoyed the snorkeling and private coves you found us daily. Although we ate too much - I couldn't imagine more lovely meals.

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