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blue horizon - crew profile
Captain onboard crewed charter powerboat, Blue Horizoncaptain: thomas hemsley (uk)
Tommy has worked on motor and sail yachts professionally since 2010. He previously owned his own speed boat in England and realised that this was something he would love to do as a career as well as a hobby.

Before Tommy came out to the Caribbean in 2015, he ran flotillas in Greece for Sunsail, where he was responsible for 12 boats for up to two weeks at a time, sailing around the beautiful Greek islands. After his time in Greece, he worked as an RYA Yacht Master Instructor in Southampton, England, in the sailing capital of the world, teaching sail and motor courses and exam preparation. He has also done many yacht deliveries all around Europe.

Since moving to the warmer climate of the Caribbean, Tommy has built up a wealth knowledge of all the best anchorages to visit and he is a great guide for all the interesting facts and history about the islands. Tommy loves water sports and with so many toys to choose from on Blue Horizon, there is something for everyone. It's 5 o’clock somewhere and Tommy can mix up delicious and refreshing cocktails.

Chef onboard Blue Horizon, luxury BVI crewed powerboatchef/first mate: emma clark (uk)
Emma has always loved being in and around water from a very young age. She grew up sailing in England on her dad’s 18ft sail boat. She sailed all around the Southwest Coast of England.

Her career started in the hospitality industry, when she worked in bars and restaurants as a server and sous chef during her vacations, between studying for her Masters Degree in Education and Art. She then took a gap year, where she worked as a chalet hostess in the French Alps, managing accommodation in a luxury ski resort and catering for up to ten guests. This was a valuable experience for the role she has today. It is clear from the food she produces that she possesses a real passion for cooking. Emma has combined her artistic skills and her professional training at the world renowned Ashburton Cookery School, to produce both beautiful and delicious cuisine.

Emma has been working in the charter industry for over four years, cooking for up to eight guests and producing menus that excite everyone's palate. When she is out of the galley she enjoys teaching scuba diving, taking guests snorkeling and sharing her knowledge of the marine life and the local area.

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