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callista - testimonials
Callista, BVI crewed charter yacht
[previous yacht] Our daughter decided long time ago that she wanted to something special for her 40th birthday. She loves to travel so it had to be something that would take her somewhere. Several things was suggested. She wanted to bring her family and a few close friends on this adventure. The decision fell on a boat trip in the Caribbean. After a lot of research she decided on the "Amazing Lady". And so she was.

Ten of us boarded this beautiful yacht on Wednesday November 16. We met Roland and Vanessa for the first time and we fell in love with them immediately. With only 4 nights on the yacht it was important to utilize that time to its maximum. Roland and Vanessa had it all planned and we loved it. It was perfect for us. It was something for everybody.

The food onboard was excellent. We felt we were dining at the finest restaurant every day. Roland and Vanessa showed a professionalism far beyond what we have expected. Watching their teamwork in everything onboard was a pleasure. They were always there for us assisting when it was needed or informing us about interesting matters. We could not have gotten a better crew than those two. Thanks again Roland and Vanessa for given us an adventure that we never forget.

[previous yacht] This past week has been filled with magical moments. We have been treated like royalty from start to finish! We can't begin to thank you enough for your hospitality, kindness, incredible food, excursions and the list goes on! However, the icing on the cake is our new friendship with the two of you! Thank you from the deepest parts of our heart for such a memorable trip! Can't wait for our paths to cross once again!

What an amazing vacation for our bunch! This was our first time experiencing the BVI and what an introduction! The beauty of the islands, waters, marine life and local people; all spectacular!! All our excursions, including the water sports, snorkeling, the island hopping were so enjoyable. Loved the history of the islands and the majestic baths! Our meals were beautifully prepared and certainly scrumptious. We are returning home heavier and spoiled!

You truly have offered us the most amazing time, we are so grateful and thankful for your sincere hospitality and friendship. We will return again adding a few more days.

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