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extasea 2 - crew profile
captain: michael blamey (uk)
chef/hostess: lesley blamey (rsa)
Warm and friendly, Captain Mike and Chef Lesley Blamey will spoil you with true South African hospitality. Growing up in the Sub Tropical coast of Zululand, the ocean has always been a big part of their lives. Captain and chef aboard BVI charter yachtThey traveled extensively meeting new people making friends around the world, and enjoying the cultures and cuisines of the world, and decided that once their children had graduated and left home they would pursue a more relaxed lifestyle sharing their love of the ocean, water sports, traveling, meeting new people and enjoying new cultures and cuisine.

They have sailed the Indian Ocean Islands, and previously owned a successful Charter Catamaran specializing in Scuba Diving and Fishing holidays, in Madagascar. They set sail from Cape Town in 2008 - and have been successfully chartering Extasea in the Caribbean from November 2009 through Summer, 2017, after which they purchased EXTASEA 2.

Mike is a qualified RYA Yachtmaster with over 40,000 sea miles under his belt. It gives him great pleasure to assist a total novice in getting up and sailing with a little guidance and encouragement. He is also a qualified Padi Dive Master, and will happily assist certified divers on planning their dives and accompany them as their guide. As an accomplished water-skier, and surfer he will soon have you up and riding on your water sports of choice. He is very competent in maintaining and running all aspects of his yacht. His warm and giving personality, love of life, sense of humor and honesty make him a great captain to sail with. His "generous" barman's skills and great tales will have guests laughing into the night.

Lesley is a certified diver and a true Pisces. You'll find her in the water as as much as on it. She will happily take you on guided snorkeling safaris, pointing out all the varied corals and fish found in the beautiful Caribbean waters. She is a natural earth mother, who enjoys children, is fun, easy going, helpful and resourceful. She will happily play surrogate "granny" to the kids while you enjoy a scuba dive or a visit to one of the fabulous beach bars or restaurants on the islands. From the moment you board EXTASEA 2 she will make you immediately feel relaxed and at home, while making sure your every need is attended to. A great cook - who will delight you with her cuisine, which reflects their travels throughout the world, varied and beautifully presented.

Mike and Lesley have been happily married for 39 years. Their friendship, respect and happiness together makes them a great team, and they look forward to giving you a holiday of a lifetime.

You will meet them as their guests and leave EXTASEA 2 as their friends.

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