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First-a-Fence, BVI crewed charter powercat
This was the best vacation ever! for our family. We love that we were the most active of all! You two are truly exceptional at what you do. You both have been so kind and generous with our kids... I can't thank you enough. I'm usually the cook and entertainer... it was nice to not be. Captain Stu your boat skills... tying on the rock... taking us to all the best snorkeling spots and private areas for night, I know we tired you out but we are so grateful for all you did to entertain us. Hannah, my kids will want to have homemade bread, French Toast, crepes and pizza all the time. You are an amazing woman. You work so hard and make it look effortless. You two are an amazing couple. Thank you for making this trip so memorable and unforgettable. 

Our week with you far exceeded our expectations. Stu your seamanship is exemplary: Any vessel, any ocean; we would sail with you. Great ride. Hannah- you must have been tops in your class because the food you served was simply outstanding. It's not possible to find better. Our best wishes to you both, truly we loved our time with you and our trip was by far the best vacation ever! We will find you and do this again.

Our entire family made memories with you two that will last forever. It's always a challenge to get 3 so very different young adults to have so much fun that they'll remember it forever and you guys succeeded. This trip went far beyond our expectations and it is because you gave us such impeccable service and so many laughs! The food, the games, the places we saw together will forever be the fondest of memories. Thank you for that! Good luck to an awesome couple and keep in touch! Best New Year's Eve ever.

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