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Mariann, reviews of BVI crewed charter yacht
If you’re looking for a great way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, etc. this is the way to go. Captain Mark and Chef Heather sure know how to make every moment special. I will have to say having someone make all my meals and make my drink is a real treat! Captain Mark’s painkiller is a must!! Heather’s meals were unbelievable. She gets an A for presentation, and an A for great taste. Thanks again for making this occasion a special one for all of us on the Mariann!

Our group of 8 (ages 50-60) had a great week sailing the BVI with Captain Mark and Chef Heather on S/Y MariAnn. From the moment we arrived until our departure, we were spoiled rotten. We arrived as customers but departed as friends. Captain Mark did a great job piloting us around the beautiful waters of the BVI. Chef Heather's meals and drinks were out of this world (and special shout out to Captain Mark for his Painkillers). Anegada was the highlight of the trip. Don't miss that little piece of paradise. Irma damaged the area significantly but the spirit of the people was amazing and they are up and running and happy to welcome us. Overall an amazing, memorable trip which we hope to do again some day.

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