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Fidelity, BVI crewed charter yacht
I am writing with a heavy heart as we are leaving after fifteen glorious days in my favourite place on earth!! Not sure what to expect after two hurricanes in 2017, we arrived to find lots of life in these British Virgin Islands. The green has come back with the newness of spring and the spirit of the locals has returned along with it. As there is some slow growth to rebuild some things, other are completely up and running! Our vacation isn't made up of buildings, but of building new memories and enjoying every second of the beauty of these islands and our friendships. Darrel and Jenn, you two are absolutely the most precious friends/family we could ever wish for! You make our trip impeccable year after year. Thank you is so small in comparison to what we feel! Sea Boss is a perfect yacht and it has your hearts on every square inch. We love you both.

How do I begin to describe a week that will forever remain in my heart? Although I have been to the BVI on multiple trips, this experience by far topped them all. Our dear friends, graciously included us in on this secret! Just six weeks from getting married, we see this as a pre-honeymoon with 4 special people, Leo and Kathy - old friends and Darrel and Jenn- new friends! The hospitality Darrel and Jenn provided was untouched! The food that nourished us by Jenn and the stories that made us laugh to the bottom of our belly by Darrel will be in my daily thoughts until next time. We WILL be back next year with our children to share this slice of heaven. We love you Leo and Kathy for sharing Darrel and Jenn. Darrel and Jenn we love you for sharing your home!

We had the most incredible time on Sea Boss! You guys were so amazing! The meals were fantastic, the snorkeling was great, the conversations were heart warming and the boating was fun! We really didn't know what to expect to see and do prior to arriving on this trip because of the devastation that was caused to the islands by hurricane Irma. We had been here once before 6 years ago on a bareboat charter with family and had a great time. Some of our favorite places that we remembered were now gone but Darrel came up with other suggestions that were amazing.

The Soggy Dollar Bar and the Pirates restaurant were back up and running, which we were happy to hear and visiting them again was wonderful. The Super Bowl party on the beach at Leverick Bay was truly a one-of-a-kind experience! Partying with 200 other boaters was such a blast. We also loved visiting Oil Nut Bay resort and spending time at their pool and beach. Lunch there was superb and the staff was friendly. The snorkeling at Mountain Point will always be one of our favorite experiences. We loved buying gifts for our grandkids at Nanny Cay!

We loved hearing stories about your boating relief efforts after hurricane Irma. What you guys did for the BVI community was extraordinary and selfless. Your passion for the islands and its people is evident and our hope is that others get to experience it too! The award given to Sea Boss and her crew by the South Florida Marine Industries for humanitarian relief is well deserved!

Thanks again for making our pre-valentine vacation very special! We are definitely going to comeback again with our kids and grandkids before Christmas!

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