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Yes Dear - testimonials
Yes Dear at sea

[previous crew] Thank you both so much for such a delightful week. We were honored to be your first charter post the hurricanes this fall and we appreciate how much extra effort you had to have put in to make this week happen. It was delightful getting to know you both and thank you for taking such good care of all of us. Your ability to handle 5 kids, 4 adults, and the boat was awesome.

Cari-Mari, your cooking is sensational! How you manage to prepare so many unique, beautiful and delicious meals every day will always amaze me. Your warm heart, beautiful smile and fabulous smelling infusers I will never forget. Martin, your happy and relaxed energy really helped all of us chill out from our north east crazy brains. Your yummy cocktails and sense of adventure will stay with us always.

Our families wanted a trip of a lifetime for our kids and you delivered it every day! Hopefully we make it back to you someday! Thanks for the amazing memories!

[previous crew] We have travelled to many beautiful destinations throughout our lives and have never experienced such a wonderful mix of locations and hospitality as we have with you. The pride and passion you have for your vessel, your guests and your environment is exceptional.

[previous crew] Your hospitality, warmth, graciousness, flexibility and good humour made this a week to always reflect on... The food was fantastic, drinks never ending, snokeling trips outstanding and the boat was always ship-shape.

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