BVI Sailing Itinerary

The BVI are beautiful, of that there is no doubt.  Discover incredible snorkeling and diving and stay in secluded bays with some of the prettiest beaches in the Caribbean. There are the icons such as The Baths and also Anegada if your time permits, both of which are very different to anywhere else in the BVI. Oh and yes, there are the famous beach bars such as Foxy’s on Jost Van Dyke or Cooper Island Beach Club… and then, of course, when it comes to iconic, there’s the William Thornton floating bar and restaurant, known as the Willy T…”what happens there, stays there”!

This itinerary gives you an idea of the islands’ highlights, starting in Tortola and sailing in an anti-clockwise direction. A few weeks before your charter begins your crew will contact you and will help come up with a very personalized route taking into account all that you would like to see and do during your vacation.

Norman Island

This is a great place to start. A really lovely sheltered bay, perfect for breaking out the water toys. Snorkeling the The Indians and the Caves is an absolute must – an unspoiled National Park teaming with multi-coloured fish, a great place for your first snorkel. The Bight is also home to the Willy T and also Pirates, a laid back beach bar and restaurant.

Salt Island & Cooper Island

A short sail brings you to Salt Island. If you are a diver you will want to stop here and explore the wreck of the RMS Rhone. Sunk in 1867 during a hurricane, it is the perfect wreck dive with the bow being at around 70ft and the stern being shallow enough for snorkelers to enjoy. Cooper Island is just another short sail away – a funky beach bar and restaurant, which also has a really good coffee shop and well-stocked rum bar. Here is another terrific spot enjoying the warm, clear waters. Kayak or SUP around the bay or snorkel Cistern Point, which has a huge assortment of sea life ranging from large parrot fish to squadrons of squid.

RMS Rhone

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is a great place for hiking, snorkeling and playing with the water toys. Starting at The Baths, this unique formation of huge granite rocks is a must see and well worth spending a few hours exploring through the twisty trail leading through massive boulders. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the rope ladders, warm pools and grottos leading to Devil’s Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the BVI and an excellent for snorkeling.

Moving North… North Sound beckons which is the home of Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island as well as many amazing coves and the brightest of blue waters. It’s a very protected so perfect for all water sports or lazing on deck and watching the world go by. There are some great spots to hike from North Sound, one of which is Gorda Peak, the highest point on Virgin Gorda, giving an amazing view of this whole area.


Leaving from North Sound in the morning, head north to Anegada, the Drowned Island (it’s REALLY flat!), famous for flamingoes and locally caught lobster. The beaches on the north shore stretch the whole length of the island and are protected by a reef, making this a fantastic spot for kite boarding.  Your crew will have good contacts here for a lobster dinner, scooter and jeep rental or a tour of the island with one of the local fishermen.

cabana umbrella on a white sand beach in Anegada, British Virgin Islands


Heading back to Tortola and maybe stopping at The Dogs, a small of group of islands good for snorkelling and diving. From now on it’s down wind sailing which is super comfortable and very relaxing. Guana Island offers great snorkeling in amongst huge shoals of bait fish – these are patrolled by Tarpon who, although look menacing, are perfectly harmless, but they are big! Cane Garden Bay, which is very lively with bars and restaurants, or Brewers Bay, which is quiet and peaceful offer great overnight spots.

Jost Van Dyke

Great Harbour is home of the famous Foxy’s and you may be lucky enough to hear him sing. This is the most famous spot after Times Square, NY for seeing in the New Year. White Bay, just to the west, has a great bar called ‘Soggy Dollar’ where the cocktail, Painkiller, originated. Just watch out, it tastes non-alcoholic, but really packs a punch!

Now that was a week well spent! Your crew will know the area like the back of their hand so there will be lots of little secret, out of the way, places they will love to show you. 

The BVI really does have it all from secluded white sandy beaches to lively beach bars, from some of the best diving around to aquarium worthy fishes swimming around your toes at the back of the boat. Oh and yes, the water temperature never goes below 79 degrees!