Catamaran, Mono or Power

After deciding that a crewed charter in the BVI is the ideal vacation for you, the next choice has to be which boat to choose. This can often be daunting if you are unused to yachts so, in a few short paragraphs, we’ll run through the pros and cons for each type of vessel.


These are the most popular charter yacht for three main reasons – they are stable, roomy and very light and airy with lots of windows. They are the ideal boat for larger parties as each cabin has privacy and there is ample room for private lounging or group get togethers. Catamarans are also a great choice for families as the cockpit is safe and there are not so many interior levels to negotiate.

Under sail the movement of the boat suits people who are novice sailors and are unsure of their sea legs. Going up or down wind, the movement can be more jerky than a monohull but on a beam reach, you will feel like you’re flying.


These are perfect boats for smaller groups and couple. Accommodations are below decks so there is a companionway ladder or stairs to negotiate. Once below, there are normally lots of overhead hatches and windows at eye level when standing.

The reason most people prefer monohulls is the sailing.It’s exciting, fast and exhilarating. The boat will lean over whilst under sail but be perfectly stable and smooth on all points of sail except a following sea. They are the classic sailing experience and normally, once you are a monohull sailor, you are hooked and rarely change.


Powerboats can be either one or two hulls and the main reason for chartering would be the obvious one – speed. The whole of the BVI  and even further afield are easily doable in style and comfort. They are ideal charter yachts for every genre – families, couples and larger groups.

There are two types of motor yacht hull, planing and displacement. Planing means that the boat reaches a faster speed and skims the top of the water so is more efficient and comfortable. Displacement travels slower (still around 12-15 knots) and you would feel a little more movement from the waves. Comfort is the other big selling point, lots of power onboard for all the toys, such as water makers, air conditioners and dive compressors.

We hope this helps the decision-making process. Don’t forget, we have seen every yacht we represent so if you need further information, just drop us an email.