Lagoon 52ft - 2018

Island Hoppin'

Yacht description

Island Hoppin’ is a really lovely 2018 Lagoon 52 catamaran – at the 2018 crewed yacht show she won “Best in Show” – so well deserved as the yacht is pristine and the crew are wonderful. Layout is four queen cabins plus a bunk room, each with ensuite bathrooms that feature separate showers. Normally the crew will take a queen cabin, but if you prefer they will swap and use the bunk room. The lounge area includes the galley so you can sit back in the comfortable leather sofas and watch the chef prepare your mouthwatering meals.

This yacht has tons of outdoor space and lots of areas to either have privacy or accommodate a group. The upstairs “third floor” flybridge is always the most popular spot as it’s the perfect place to relax, enjoy sundowners or keep a look out for dolphins when underway. Forward there is another seating area with comfy lounging cushions. There is also a huge cockpit at the back of the boat for al fresco dining – enough room for 8 people easily.

Penny's personal opinion

Why book Island Hoppin’ – UNDER WATER ADVENTURE – Captain Taylor is a dive instructor so there are three dives a week per person included in your charter fee. PLUS they have two water scooters! These are so much fun – your own underwater propulsion unit for snorkeling and diving.

Yacht layout


  • Yacht
    • Fully air conditioned
    • Salon TV
    • Device hookups
    • Onboard wi-fi
    • Hair dryers
    • Water maker
    • Ice maker
  • Water Toys
    • 14ft RIB w/40hp
    • Snorkel gear
    • Adult waterskis
    • Kid's waterskis
    • Towing tube
    • Kneeboard
    • Wakeboard
    • SUP x 2
    • Kayak
    • Dbl Kayak
    • Sea scooters x 2
    • Subwing
    • Floating mats
    • Floating island
    • Beach games
    • Underwater camera and video

Onboard experience

Crew profile
Jack and Kaycee met while working in the Clearwater Beach Marina. Having just returned from his first season of yachting, he introduced her to the industry and they quickly started working to gain experience. They were joined together on a 50ft boat as Captain and Mate and began their journey towards enjoying and sharing their passions as a team. Because of their history of working well together, Jack and Kaycee create a fun and playful environment while remaining professional. Having spent years in the customer service industry they love to take care of each guests needs in their own exciting way.
Sample menu
This is a sample menu only to give you an idea of your chef’s cooking style. Your menu will be personalised for you - designed around your food and drink preferences. Most chefs are able to adapt to different dietary requirements such as vegetarian or gluten free but please let us know at the time of booking so we can check for you.
7 nights
6 nights
5 nights
2 $ 25,000 $ 21,429 $ 20,833
3 $ 25,500 $ 21,857 $ 21,250
4 $ 26,000 $ 22,286 $ 21,667
5 $ 26,500 $ 22,714 $ 22,083
6 $ 27,000 $ 23,143 $ 22,500
7 $ 27,500 $ 23,571 $ 22,917
8 $ 28,000 $ 24,000 $ 23,333

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.

2 $ 25,000 $ 21,429 $ 20,833
3 $ 25,500 $ 21,857 $ 21,250
4 $ 26,000 $ 22,286 $ 21,667
5 $ 26,500 $ 22,714 $ 22,083
6 $ 27,000 $ 23,143 $ 22,500
7 $ 27,500 $ 23,571 $ 22,917
8 $ 28,000 $ 24,000 $ 23,333

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.

2 $ 25,000 $ 21,429 $ 20,833
3 $ 25,500 $ 21,857 $ 21,250
4 $ 26,000 $ 22,286 $ 21,667
5 $ 26,500 $ 22,714 $ 22,083
6 $ 27,000 $ 23,143 $ 22,500
7 $ 27,500 $ 23,571 $ 22,917
8 $ 28,000 $ 24,000 $ 23,333

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.

2 $ 25,000 $ 21,429 $ 20,833
3 $ 25,500 $ 21,857 $ 21,250
4 $ 26,000 $ 22,286 $ 21,667
5 $ 26,500 $ 22,714 $ 22,083
6 $ 27,000 $ 23,143 $ 22,500
7 $ 27,500 $ 23,571 $ 22,917
8 $ 28,000 $ 24,000 $ 23,333

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.

2 $ 25,000 $ 21,429 $ 20,833
3 $ 25,500 $ 21,857 $ 21,250
4 $ 26,000 $ 22,286 $ 21,667
5 $ 26,500 $ 22,714 $ 22,083
6 $ 27,000 $ 23,143 $ 22,500
7 $ 27,500 $ 23,571 $ 22,917
8 $ 28,000 $ 24,000 $ 23,333

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.


1-8 guests. 7 nights minimum
Charters during Christmas week are required to finish by Dec 26
Charters must begin and end in St Thomas


1-8 guests. 7 nights minimum
New Year charters commence no earlier than Dec 27
Charters must begin and end in St Thomas.

$18,000 plus all expenses

Includes: Captain, linens and towels, dishes, flatware, cooking utensils, cookware and water toys

Not Included: Fuel, Water, Customs and Immigration, food and beverages, ice, mooring or dock fees, diving and gratuity

Deduct $150/person/week from all-inclusive rate

Half-board rates include 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 3 dinners, snacks and standard bar; all other meals to be taken ashore at guests’ expense

Deduct $75/person/week from all-inclusive rate

Local fare meal plan rates include 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 6 dinners, snacks and standard bar; all other meals to be taken ashore at guests’ expense


Board after 4pm, dinner to be taken ashore at guests’ expense but breakfast the following morning is included. Sleepaboard available with 6-night minimum for half-board, 7-night minimum for all-inclusive.

3 dives per week included for certified divers

Captain Taylor is a dive instructor
Additional dives $25 per dive per person.
DSD Course $150
Open water Referral $350
Online course required before charter commences

Special offers
$250 discount for each child 15 years and under at the time of the charter
4 children maximum

Charter information

  • A crew gratuity, based on your level of satisfaction, but typically 15-20% of the charter rate is not included
  • BVI Fees not included – please budget an additional $150/person/week
  • Information and rates quoted on this website are believed to be correct but are subject to change without notice.


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  • Joe and Tracy

    Thank you Taylor and Margaret for welcoming us back and hosting an amazing vacation.

    Whereas last year we split time between BVI and the US Virgin Islands, this year we spent trip in the USVI. It is amazing just how much there is to do and to see among the Islands. While St. Thomas, St. John & St. Croix are the three primary islands of the USVI there are dozens of minor Islands many of which offer beautiful beaches and amazing snorkeling and watersport opportunities.

    One of the most relaxing aspects of this vacation was the relative lack of COVID infections in the USVI. A negative test is required prior to entry and we found the population in general to be careful in following safety protocols. This combined with a preponderance of outdoor dining opportunities resulted in a situation in which the entire USVI had 0 reported cases 12 of 14 days we were in the Islands (9 nights on Island Hoppin). Because of this we could truly relax without the fear we face in our home state of Arizona of possible infection when we venture out.

    As we knew from prior trips, the boat itself is amazing, equipped with about every upgrade available to a catamaran of that size. Margaret’s cuisine as always was incredible and beautifully presented. We had opted for a generally more healthy menu which Margaret provided with a real exotic flair. Fresh sushi and additional dishes Margaret made from the King mackerel we caught from the boat was an added bonus.

    We started our time on the boat first enjoying the beautiful Maegen’s Bay and on the second night Lovango Cay. Both were great places to paddle board and/or swim. Additionally Lovango Cay has a new high end outdoor restaurant that we took the opportunity to visit.

    The sail to St Croix was relaxing and a nice way to unwind. We had the enormous pleasure of being joined by a pod of dolphins that joyfully performed acrobatics around the boat as we sailed. I guess that doesn’t occur very often. It was one of the most magical moments we have ever experienced.

    Buck Island, St. Croix where we anchored overnight is an island is designated a U.S. national monument. The snorkeling in its protected waters was absolutely amazing. The reef had some of the most interesting coral we have seen anywhere with abundant fish life including the largest Caribbean Lobsters we have personally seen.

    This was our third trip on Island Hoppin, but the first trip to St Croix. We took an open taxi tour of the island which included a stop to see crazy beer drinking pigs and one at the eastern most point of the United States. The diving in St. Croix is amazing. After diving Cane Bay, we overnighted at Salt River. One of the most unique experiences on any trip was a night excursion into the bioluminescent Bay at Salt River. With each paddle stroke the bioluminescent plankton exploded with light. We would highly recommend wearing your swimming suit because swimming in this bay at night surrounds one with light, a truly unforgettable experience!

    The next day we moved to Fredricksted St. Croix were we dove the “Swirling Reef of Death” (a personal deepest dive of 80 feet) which featured beautiful coral and amazing fish life (but no real life threatening events).

    We had another relaxing sail back to overnight at St Thomas’ Buck Island. We then overnighted at Christmas Cove where we dove Fish Key before moving on to one of our favorite places, MAHO Bay. We dove MAHO Bay’s Whistling Key and some had great snorkeling opportunities in the Bay. The highlight of MAHO snorkeling is definitely the turtles, but the highlight of the dive was seeing the large nurse shark and hawksbill turtle.

    We love the addition of the subwing board to the boat’s toys. What a great way to see the reef life. Joe even had a spotted Eagle ray that follow along while he was being pulled on the subwing.

    Thanks for making our third trip just as new and exciting as the previous trips. The USVI does a great job of keeping everyone safe during COVID. We can’t wait for our next adventure with you on Island Hoppin. Until next time…

  • USA

    Last year was our first trip on Island Hoppin’ – it was without a doubt the best and most relaxing vacation we can remember. This year with everything going on in the world we didn’t think another trip aboard Island Hoppin’ could get any better – We were wrong!

    First – The rest of the US should take lessons from the US Virgin Islands government. You have to register on the USVI portal and have a Negative Covid test that is less than 5 days old when you arrive. Not really too many hoops to jump thru to get to this island paradise. In 15 days, they only had 128 new cases reported across all of the USVI. Tucson, where we are from, was reporting 10 times that number every day!!

    Once on the boat you are in your own Covid Free bubble with 6 of your best and closest friends (Yes, Taylor and Margaret you are part of the 6!!). You can truly reclaim some normalcy to your life that none of us has experienced in over a year now and may not experience again any time soon.

    Of course when on shore we wore masks and followed the same social distancing as in the states but – Remember you are in the islands where everything is open air, ie restaurants. So dining was a relaxed atmosphere with very little chance of anything Covid related.

    USVI vs BVI. The British Virgin Islands had some very restrictive quarantine requirements for visitors, so we opted not to go the BVI. We spent all of the days exploring the USVI. Taylor, the captain, knows the USVI like the back of his hand. We experienced tremendous bay and beaches, ie Maegen’s Bay, Lovango Cay, Buck Island, etc – all in the USVI. We did not miss going to BVI at all. As they say you should see the USA first – this is really true of the USVI.

    Island Hoppin’s is one incredible boat. The staterooms are luxurious and not cramped. Individual room temperature controls make sleeping very pleasant regardless of the outside temps. There is plenty of storage and each stateroom comes with a private bath. There is one very unique feature about the bathrooms that isn’t available on most boats this size – we will leave this as a pleasant surprise for you.

    Now the crew – Taylor and Margaret. I don’t think there are enough superlatives in the English language to adequately describe these two. They are genuinely nice people. They see to your every need while making sure your voyage is exciting and safe. They know the area around the islands like they are natives. Margaret is a phenomenal chef. We caught some King Mackerel one day – she served us the most amazing meal made from it (not to mention she was the one who cleaned the fish). Every meal she made was a gourmet experience. While being a very accomplished boat captain, Taylor is one outstanding bartender. Every drink from his island Pain Killers to an Old Fashion was exquisitely made. BTW – both are dive masters so if you want to get certified to scuba dive this is the perfect opportunity.

    The boat is equipped for just about any water sport you want. We did some great snorkeling and kayaking while others in our group got in some scuba diving.

    Some trip highlights:

    • Meagan’s Bay – One of the most beautiful beaches in the world
    • Lovango Cay – Great restaurant (totally open air with reduced capacity)
    • Trip to St Croix – Dolphins swimming with the boat (it was amazing!)
    • St Croix – Beer drinking pigs (have to see it to believe it)
    • St Croix – Island excursion to the farthest eastern most point in the US. (With a stop at a great island brewery)
    • Buck Island – A hidden gem Taylor knew about. Beautiful beach with great snorkeling
    • Salt River – A bay with bioluminescent plankton (Something not to be missed)
    • Christmas Bay – Abundant sea life everywhere.
    • Maho Bay – One of our favorites. Turtles everywhere. A great beach bar (Thank you Kayla and Busy – the wonderful bartenders).

    So for the math or science inclined here is the formula/ equation for your next vacation –
    1AB + 6BF + 2IC + 3 BI = 1 TUV
    Translation – 1 Amazing Boat + 6 Best Friends + 2 Incredible Crew + 3 Beautiful Islands = 1 Truly Unforgettable Vacation

  • Alison, Alan, Arthur, Abe, and Levi

    Thank you for giving our family an adventurous bonding experience and week in paradise that we will forever cherish! The food was spectacular, the cocktails divine, the SCUBA and snorkelling were majestic, the hiking was amazing, the sailing superb, the games of Cards Against Hummanity, Mexican Train Dominoes, Shut the Box, Chess, and Uno were so memorable, the birthday/graduation celebration was beyond our wildest expectations – and yet what we will all remember with greatest affection, love, and admiration is how the two of you approached each moment with such care, thoughtfulness, and genuine, heartfelt dedication. And the cherry on the chocolate mousse and apple crumb cakes was also being able to share our stories, our unique holiday celebrations, and such joy and laughter together. We are forever grateful – thank you!!! “Shabbat Shalom!”

    Ps. We can’t forget the stellar napkin art!!

  • Judy, Andrew, Taylor, Drew, and Ford

    What an amazing time with you both! The gorgeous and well maintained boat, incredible meals curated to every food taste, the touring of the water and islands, perfect restaurants recommendations, killer playlists, island cocktails – wow!

    You provided our family a truly memorable experience, and the night snorkel on our last night sealed it!

    Thank you! We hope to sail with you again.

  • Savannah and the Carter Clan

    What a fantastic week around the USVI! We got to check out new destinations and made some new favorite spots. Thank you for salvaging our December vacation 2020. This was our first vacation ever spent on a boat. I have made memories that will last a lifetime. I absolutely adore the both of you, you make a fantastic team. Margaret, you have made us some of the best meals of our entire life. Taylor, you’re one of the calmest most outgoing people. Our diving experience was amazing! Thank you both for an incredible week that I’ll never forget. Oh, and thank you for teaching me how to master the Painkiller! Can’t wait to show my friends!

  • Tim and Ann, Sophi and Lucas, Taylor and James, Nathan and Elena

    I want to shout from the hilltops what a fantastic vacation our family just had on Island Hoppin’ in the USVI! I’ve been telling everyone. At first we were afraid of Covid, then we were disappointed it had to be USVI instead of BVI. Turns out both were a plus!

    Covid made this vacation especially sweet. We didn’t wear a mask for a week and forgot about all the troubles in the world while we were floating and sailing around the most beautiful waters!

    We were unaware that the USVI had so much to offer. Each bay we anchored in around St Thomas and St John had a different feel and vibe. Some beaches were the fine powdered sugar beaches and others were rocky with sea life everywhere. One bay would be secluded with maybe one or two other boats and yet we loved a more populated bay that had a pizza boat we got take-out pizza from! We SCUBA dove three different days and some of us four. Each location was different than the one before, causing debate in the evenings over which was the best. So fun to peruse through the Caribbean fish book with different family members and significant others discussing the variety we saw during the dives but didn’t know their names. If you are in to SCUBA some of our highlights were: Lionfish, puffer fish bigger than a football, trunkfish, lots of different rays, lobster, octopus, octopus, octopus (my favorite), trumpet fish, eels, shark, (shouldn’t even mention turtles as they are an everyday sighting with or without SCUBA). I loved the coral and the sea pearls. The colors were magnificent! Others on the boat would have a different list I’m sure.

    Friends ask if a week on a boat is hard. Hard? OMG. We didn’t get to see everything! There was a wreck dive we didn’t get to do and more hiking we could have done. We didn’t even have time for some of the water sports like wake-boarding! Some of the things we did do: SCUBA, snorkeling, bone-fishing, trolling off the back of the boat, hiking, exploring abandoned sugar plantations, discovering a waterfall with petroglyphs from 900AD on the rock walls, visiting an abandoned guest house with the best views looking over the BVI and the USVI, hearing Captain Taylor’s folklore about pirates, slaves and contemporary crazies as we passed Jeffrey Epstein’s island. Margaret had us making our own fresh pasta one night while listening to “Hey Mambo”. We received a different sunset drink each night and we enjoyed learning how to make Bushwackers and Painkillers from these experienced bartenders. I’m still dreaming of Margaret’s dinners! Oh to be back in the USVI on Island Hoppin’! Next year for sure!

  • Arty Family

    Margaret and Taylor we want to thank you for the best vacation our family has ever had. We keep singing your praises to all our friends.

    We could have never imagined the beauty of the coves and beaches of St. John and St. Thomas. Each cove was special and unique in its own way. The eight days we were with you went by so quickly and effortlessly starting with Margaret’s exquisite breakfasts each day. That was great eating and drinking🥤.

    We keep reminiscing about the snorkeling tours that Margaret took us on Christmas Cove to see turtles and rays. The hikes to the sugar mill and water fall on Saint John were breathtaking. Going with Margaret (a real mermaid) to catch lobsters was another highlight of this special trip. The beach at Cinnamon Bay is the best we’ve ever seen. We finished our cruise in great way with Taylor patiently teaching us how to scuba dive so we could view the breathtaking beauty of the reefs from 30 ft below the ocean surface. Taylor taking the kids wakeboarding and riding the hot dog was the perfect culmination to 8 days of exquisite cruising.

    Super big hugs, kisses and largest thank you.

  • It’s taken a full week, but we’ve adjusted to life back on land. We could not have dreamed of better hosts or asked for better care than what Margaret and Taylor provide. Margaret is the perfect hostess and lover of island fun. Our numerous snorkeling expeditions last week made me feel like a little kid again. She is such a gifted young woman with her ability to know nature, assist with the needs of the boat and instructions of the captain, and cook like she stepped off the set of MasterChef. The meals she prepared are nothing short of cuisine. My husband refuses squash, but she made a dish with butternut squash so good one night, he asked for seconds. Taylor is ever the calm, stoic captain who not only ensures the boat and trip stay on schedule, but that the coolers stay full and the boat is in shape to entertain. You want for nothing on your trip with Taylor as the captain of the boat. He always made sure everyone was comfortable and that we were taking full advantage of all that Island Hoppin’ offers.

    Margaret and Taylor made great recommendations for on shore fun and seamlessly guided us through the customs process both crossing into the BVI and heading back stateside. They are a knowledgeable, well organized team. You won’t find better cruising in paradise than this gorgeous catamaran and the beyond amazing crew who man the vessel. I’ve never been homesick for a vacation until now. I know this won’t be the last time we travel with Margaret, Taylor, and Island Hoppin’.

  • Larry & Kelly

    Thank you so much for everything, it was soooooo much fun. I loved everything we did, especially the skiing and goat calling and helping me with my shark fear (but now I’m scared of walking on a beach with coconut trees). The food was so good, I don’t know how you ever made this food because it is literally the best food I’ve ever tasted. You guys played a big part in making this week so fun and always made us all laugh. It has been such a fun week and it is largely due to you guys.

    Wow, what an amazing trip. We truly enjoyed ourselves and all the adventures. You guys made the vacation much more memorable. The mechanics of the trip were fine, but what made it a family memory was you guys. I’m sure you realize this but you become a big part of many families. This trip could have been nice but it was amazing because of your attention/guidance for our girls and us. You have a far greater impact on families than you realize. You helped us make memories we will cherish for years to come.

  • Suzi

    Thanks for the best time ever!!! Already planning for our next adventure! Y’all are the best!!!

    We had a wonderful time… Of course! Can’t wait to come back and do it again. Y’all are the best!!!!

    Thanks for everything! We’ve been on several crewed charters in the BVI and y’all are absolutely THE BEST CREW!!! Hope to see you again!

  • The Hices

    The Hices had an absolutely wonderful vacation/adventure week! Thank you so much for sharing your home, your islands, your weather, your wisdom and hospitality with us! We are in awe of your sailing, scuba, free diving skills… As well as your culinary expertise and awesome cocktail recipes. Feeding our family (ie. Rocco aka “Papa Ya”) was a feat in itself and you pulled it off perfectly. I am sure we made some incredible memories this week – and we are already excited to come back to the BVI’s to make some more – with your help of course! Wishing you both a wonderful rest of the season – and hopefully some relaxing days ahead.

  • Christy

    Thank you so much for the most memorable and relaxing vacation ever! Your smiles are contagious and your generosity and warm personalities made for such a great week! Thank you for all the awesome dives, wakeboarding, and of course delicious food and drinks.

    We will never forget how you made us all so comfortable and the sweet way in which you interacted with both Mallory and Brynn. Your patience and hug hearts have certainly left an impact on our family! We are counting down the days until next spring break already in hopes that we can spend another week in paradise with both of you! Enjoy your time in the islands, continue to laugh and love – it suits you both so well!

    Thank you for the memories, they will never be forgotten!

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