Lagoon 52 - 2017

Southern Comfort

Yacht description

Southern Comfort is a 2017 Lagoon 52 catamaran with a beautiful, contemporary interior and tons of deck space.

Layout is flexible with 4 queen cabins or with the option of 3 queens and bunk beds if you have children or singles in your group. Each cabin has an ensuite bathroom with separate shower stall. The salon and galley are on one level and lead into the cockpit which has two separate seating areas, plus a wet bar. Upstairs is the very popular “third floor lounge” – perfect for sundowners or enjoying the fabulous views. There is a really good selection of water sports equipment plus onboard diving.

Our personal opinion

Why book Southern Comfort – The name says it all – COMFORT! – if you are a novice sailor, or are unsure of your sea legs, then this catamaran is for you. Cutting through the water at exciting speeds with minimum movement may cause butterflies in your tummy – but you don’t need sea sickness pills for those!

Yacht layout


  • Yacht
    • Fully air conditioned
    • Salon TV
    • Device hookups
    • Onboard wi-fi
    • Water maker
    • Ice maker
  • Water Toys
    • 14ft RIB w/40hp
    • Snorkel gear
    • Adult waterskis
    • Kid's waterskis
    • Towing tube
    • Wakeboard
    • SUP x 2
    • Kayak
    • Dbl Kayak
    • Beach games
    • Underwater camera/video

Onboard experience

Crew profile
A desire to sail in salt water persisted, even in the desert. Ish satisfied his salt water cravings with a job living and working aboard sailboats in the British Virgin Islands. Over 6 summers with Sail Caribbean, a summer camp for teens, Ish served as captain, fleet captain, and program director.
Sample menu
This is a sample menu only to give you an idea of your chef’s cooking style. Your menu will be personalised for you - designed around your food and drink preferences. Most chefs are able to adapt to different dietary requirements such as vegetarian or gluten free but please let us know at the time of booking so we can check for you.
7 nights
6 nights
5 nights
2 $ 27,000 $ 23,143 $ 22,500
3 $ 27,500 $ 23,571 $ 22,917
4 $ 28,000 $ 24,000 $ 23,333
5 $ 28,500 $ 24,429 $ 23,750
6 $ 29,000 $ 24,857 $ 24,167
7 $ 29,500 $ 25,286 $ 24,583
8 $ 30,000 $ 25,714 $ 25,000

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.

2 $ 27,000 $ 23,143 $ 22,500
3 $ 27,500 $ 23,571 $ 22,917
4 $ 28,000 $ 24,000 $ 23,333
5 $ 28,500 $ 24,429 $ 23,750
6 $ 29,000 $ 24,857 $ 24,167
7 $ 29,500 $ 25,286 $ 24,583
8 $ 30,000 $ 25,714 $ 25,000

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.

2 $ 27,000 $ 23,143 $ 22,500
3 $ 27,500 $ 23,571 $ 22,917
4 $ 28,000 $ 24,000 $ 23,333
5 $ 28,500 $ 24,429 $ 23,750
6 $ 29,000 $ 24,857 $ 24,167
7 $ 29,500 $ 25,286 $ 24,583
8 $ 30,000 $ 25,714 $ 25,000

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.


1-8 guests.  7 nights minimum.
Charters during Christmas week are required to finish by Dec 27


1-8 guests. 7 nights minimum
New Year charters commence no earlier than Dec 28

Deduct $150/person/week from all-inclusive rate

Half-board rates include 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 3 dinners, snacks and standard bar; all other meals to be taken ashore at guests’ expense


Board after 5pm. Snacks and welcome drink served (this is not an open bar). Dinner ashore at clients’ expense; Continental breakfast provided next morning. Vessel departs at noon.

3 dives per week included for certified divers - charters 6 nights or more.

Captain Ish is a dive instructor
Additional dives $50 per dive per person.
Online course required before charter commences
DSD Course $150
Open water Referral $350

Special offers
20% discount on charters taking place by July 2024
Minimum 6 nights
Valid on new bookings only
$500 child discount on each child 15 years and under at time of charter

Charter information

  • Exclusive Water Taxi available! The Caribe Express provides private transportation to and from your charter yacht on a comfortable Aquila 36. Enjoy complimentary cocktails while the professional crew handles Customs and Immigration. Please enquire for pricing.
  • A crew gratuity, based on your level of satisfaction, but typically 15-20% of the charter rate is not included
  • BVI Taxes and fees are included in the rate
  • Crew are fully vaccinated.
  • Information and rates quoted on this website are believed to be correct but are subject to change without notice.


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  • Dear Ish & Ashley,
    Thank you for a wonderful week of sailing in the BVI! We really appreciate your kindness, your humor, your knowledge, and your professionalism.

    Ish, your knowledge of sailing, the boat, and the islands made us feel safe and secure for our journey. We appreciate you taking time to help us create lasting memories of diving, hiking, water sports and fishing.

    Ashley, your meals were a highlight of our trip. You did a great job of curating a week of amazing meals with complex flavors. We feel so spoiled! Thank you again for not just being a part of this boat but also part of the experience. Stay safe and best wishes! We hope to cross path again someday!
    The Glovers

    Dear Ish & Ashley,
    Thank you so much for this week of relaxation and fun. My favorite part of the whole trip may have been the spikeball or the hike we did. I appreciate everything y’all have done for us in making this trip worth it. Ish, it was so much fun just kinda hanging out with you even though I never had an answer of your least favorite or weirdest patron. Team Craw-Ish absolutely destroyed my dad and Preston which was a highlight of the trip. Ashley, it was fun to hang out with you and just chill. I loved literally like everything you gave us. It’s difficult to decide what was the best meal that we had because it was all so good. I have a question for both of you though: Would I fit in in LA?

    Dear Ish and Ashley,
    Thank you both for making our family trip to the BVI very memorable. You both made the experience amazing and very relaxing. Ish, your knowledge in every area was extremely helpful to us and made everyone feel extremely safe. You were a great person to hang around and talk to. Spikeball in Anegada was much more fun with you. Ashley, your cooking was some of the best I have ever had and every meal was perfectly put together. Food back home is not going to taste the same after a week of your amazing cooking. You were great to be around and talk to about music. I hope you enjoy your My Chemical Romance and Nickelback after this. You two were the best crew we could ask for. Thank you for being great this week.
    Sincerely, Preston

  • Ashley & Ish,
    What an amazing week – thank you!

    Who knew the “best-chef-ever” was also a stand-up comic, and our captain had a funky musical side. We are all sincerely grateful for your hospitality and guidance. If only we didn’t have to wait for four days to get that wonderful guacamole… LOL. Ish – superb Painkillers and Espresso Martinis!! Also, what a fun “obstacle course” you created, although any video of the Dads attempting it that surface in public would be unfortunate. HAHA. Sincerely appreciate your contribution to our fantastic BVI memories!!
    The Odom Family & The Anton Family

  • Ashley + Ish,
    This is our first chartered vacation and it has exceeded our expectations! As sailors + water people we knew we would enjoy the water sports and sailing but the rest was an unknown. You two have provided a 5 star experience in every way! We have felt loved and pampered! It was fun hearing your story (and your jokes Ashley) and getting to know you a bit. Ish – you do a fabulous job running this on sea hotel, we felt you accommodated our every request and you set a beautiful table & make a mean tropical drink! Finally! ASHLEY – chef extraordinary. Your meals were of Michelin Restaurant Quality: delicious, beautifully presented & we ate every bite. What a magical week. We’ll come again! Thank you so much!
    Ed & Leslie

    Ashley and Ish,
    This is our first charter and trip to the BVI and our experience has been exceptional thanks to you two! Our daily destinations with water actives and shore excursions have been lots of fun! Ish, you are a terrific captain. Ashley, thank you for your amazing meals made, with love, so much attention to details. I’m sure all of us have gained a pound or two. Ish, your special drinks were delicious and thoughtful. Every meal and beverage had a perfect presentation!

    Our celebration of friendship and special milestones (50th anniversaries) was truly enhanced by the care and special touches you have provided. Many thanks, we hope you come back this way again!
    Mary Ellen & Paul

    Ish & Ashley,
    You two far exceeded all of our expectations! The gourmet meals and the presentations were 6 star, it’s hard to believe you can cook like that on a boat. Captain Ish’s mastery of making delicious and creative “island” drinks had us anxiously waiting for cocktail hour every afternoon. You willingness to work with us and cater to our every need was greatly appreciated. We have been to the BVI’s a number of times but every day you created new adventures! And new memories. This experience – trip has been on our bucket list for years and now you have us looking forward to doing it again with you two. Now it’s off to Betty Fords and then home… bummer. Thanks for everything,
    Greg & Rosemary

  • Ash + Ish,
    I don’t know what I expected, but it certainly was not this level of warmth and hospitality. It has been so fun getting to know you… and I should like to consider us friends. Thank you for all you do & have done.

    Thank you for truly making this trip incredible. Your attention to detail and ability to make each moment more incredible than the last is second to none. Thank you again and happy sailing,

    Thank you so much for making my dad’s birthday. I know it meant a lot to him. It’s the tiny details like when Ish bought a ball for Sophia, or Ash leaving every meal to be a surprise. You guys were so incredibly sweet. I hope you get a break soon.

    Throughout our trip, you have shown us what it means to be kind and take care of those around you. Thank you for reminding me that the world is a much bigger place.

    We have been dreaming about this trip for years and planning it for over six months. While we are one of many charters, both of you have been forever woven into the tapestry of our family history when we reflect on fabulous “Bucket List” family adventures. We can’t thank you enough for your hospitality, your hard work, and your company, We enjoyed every minute onboard the Southern Comfort. We wish you the very best and will miss you.
    The Marions

  • Ashley & Ish ~ you orchestrated the perfect week for our family. Every meal, adventure & shore excursion exceeded our highest hopes – a new bar has been set for our family vacations and I am not sure we will be able to beat this one without coming back to see you on the Southern Comfort again.

    Mentation Nation Forever.

  • We are a group of four couples who have known each other for twenty years and we embarked on this USVI/BVI journey all having different levels of boating experience. Ish & Ash managed to exceed and enhance all our expectations! We love to laugh and you both rolled with and added to our “jackassery” sense of humor.

    Ashley – the variety of menu and amazing food and presentation was exceptional. Your stealthy housekeeping did not go unnoticed. You are easygoing and welcoming, and the love you put into every meal is obvious. You are a gem!

    Ish – your knowledge of the islands and secret spots is amazing. Your love of nature and the marine world is infectious. Your relaxed and easygoing style fit perfectly with our group. Your quiet comedic timing is legendary and will always live on in our Southern Comfort quote list. You are the ultimate navigator and an outstanding captain!

    Together you two make Southern Comfort the vacation of a lifetime!
    Jerry + Colleen
    Tom + Aimee
    Mitch + Nancy
    Matt + Heather

  • Laura, Anna, Julia and Todd

    Thank you for rescuing us when our original charter fell through. I’m sooooooo glad we got to meet you!!! You magically took 2 days’ notice that we were coming. but made it seem flawless and effortless! Thank you Danica for all the wonderful food and thank you Ish for so many great dives and for putting up with my broken foot!

    We will never forget y’all and we will cherish this vacation forever!!!

  • The Stoerr Family

    Thank you so much for an absolutely amazing week on board Southern Comfort. We have been wanting to visit the BVI’s for such a long time and couldn’t imagine a better vacation! How do you manage to entertain ages 13-83 and create a perfect family vacation is simply amazing.

    Danica – we can’t decide which meal was the best as they were all beautiful and delicious. Thank you also for the extra special touches for the 83rd birthday meal and Father’s Day brunch.

    Ish – every day was full of beautiful places, fun sales and incredible snorkeling and water sports. You knew just the right spots.

    We will remember this week and the two of you always! Best wishes to you both and we hope you come visit us in Texas!

    With gratitude

  • Ish and Danica
    Thank you for a truly incredible week. From finding the best secluded spots, the prettiest snorkeling and diving, to the hours spent under sail – your attention to detail made every day a perfect one. Ish your patience, kindness, skill and resourcefulness make you a fantastic captain. Danica, your joyful personality, bright attitude and fun stories are such a delight, not to mention your beautiful food! Thank you for everything
    -Marianne, Scott, Rich, Anna, Lilly, Wick, Melinda and Johnny.

    I have only two words to say about our week aboard the Southern Comfort….”pure perfection!” Many thanks for taking such good care of our family. Happy Sailing

    Dear Danica and Ish,
    Thank you so much for making my birthday special. I loved how beautiful you made the boat with your decorations and the delicious food and super fun birthday cake. You both worked your butts off for us, keeping us safe, meeting our demands, but it seemed effortless and joyful. Thank you for all your hard work. Please relax and take care of yourselves during your time off – you deserve it!
    All the best!
    -Anna (Portland, OR)

  • The Messerlys

    We had an absolutely amazing time aboard SoCo. The boat itself is magnificent – all of the comforts of a 5 star hotel on the water in a new locale every night! But the real stars of our trip were the crew, Danica and Ish. They are both so versatile in their talents, from top notch service to entertaining our boys (ages 12 and 14), they did it all. Danica has a special talent for creating the perfect meal plan from a few questions and a short phone conversation. She couldn’t have been more spot on with her choices. Everything was creative, exciting, amazingly delicious, and it was so varied. And Captain Ish was equally talented in his own right – adept sailor, wonderful dive master and instructor, and a world renowned lobster fisherman!

    Our days were relaxing and fun filled, with lazy mornings at our overnight mooring or anchorage, exciting afternoon adventures in and on the water, and beautiful sunset nights. Could not have asked for a better trip.

  • Renee, Bill, Franklin, Bryan and Kristine

    You both provided top notch service and excellent food! We felt like we were really taken care of! I especially appreciated my sunset glasses of wine delivers to me.

    I hope you loved us as much as we loved you! Keep that travel bug in you!

  • Dani and Ish ROCK! Very professional, attentive and fun! I’m sure it’s hard dealing with assholes like us for a week but they did it with a smile. Spoke with Dani prior to the trip and everything we requested was granted! They made our trip!!! We’ll be back next year if you’ll have us. Beautiful boat, ports, and people! Thank you for an epic trip!
    Kim and Rich

    Fantastic! Dani & Ish- a great team. Wonderful service, amazing food, friendly and fun!

    Laughs-a-plenty- wheeler walker jr.- our new favourite. A$$ & titties – oh my –

    Dance party- sing along- conversations- great company- beautiful fish- water clean and clear- white sand.

    Amazingly beautiful adventure- we cannot thank you both enough for our awesome vacation. Sailing in sporty weather – dinners by candlelight – not one complaint-  oh wait- I want more days!

    Keep in touch – we will be back

    It was a trip if a lifetime! You both really did an amazing job!!!! Great food beautifully shown, which is my thing “presentation”.

    Ish was very attentive and very conscientious of all of us! I loved our company too, so easy to get along with. Thank you both so very much!!! It was incredible , xo would request you both again!
    -Gary and Barbara

    Awesome week!
    Ish and Danica are the BEST 🙂
    (Ditto what our friends said)
    -Steve and Jackie

  • Danica & Ish
    Thank you for a lovely trip around the Virgin Islands! You both gave us memories of our first time here – and encouraged us to return! Best I. All your future endeavours!
    Laura and Arturo Prado

    Danica & Ish  what a fun adventure! Such a pleasure to have you both as our guides for the week! The food was amazing and all of the extra touches!
    Live your best life!
    Paige & Russ

    Danica & Ish – An amazing, relaxing, inspiring week for us, thanks to you both and all your skills and talents that kept us well fed, nourished, taken care of, and entertained! We will remember all of the little touches and thoughtful gestures. Cheers to an awesome season for you both! Well follow along online!
    Thank you again! Jen and Kendrick

  • The Karlovich-Marinoff- Spindell-Du Zoo

    Ish and Danica
    Thank you so much for an incredible trip! It’s been our favorite trip ever and that is no understatement. The experience wouldn’t have been complete without you both. From the cooking, to the diving, to the wonderful company and conversation! It’s really a shame that we must leave, but hopefully our paths cross again! Thanks especially for sparking so much interest in marine life for Maya and Aaron. That will last forever.

  • Jensen-Blackwoods and Violas

    Our group was affectionately known as the Turkey Week Tandem 2022 (it included friends/family on the Scuba Doo and we toured around the BVI as a tandem team). On Southern Comfort, Ish and Danica got stuck with us, the Jensen-Blackwoods and Violas. 4 adults and 4 kids (or 8 kids, depending on your definition of “adults”). And let me just say, IT WAS A BLAST.

    Ish and Danica are, quite simply, both amazing. Ish is a first class captain – smart, skilled, patient and funny. We loved him. Danica (Dani) is an incredibly skilled chef, and she is also kind, sweet, thoughtful and accommodating. She is fantastic and the kids adored her. We lucked out!

    Ish left no stone unturned and navigated us to the best spots to hit (whether it’s to snorkel, dive, dance or shop). We hit Willy T’s (yes, we all jumped and Ish filmed it from below!), The Baths, Salt Island, Saba Rock, Bitter End Yacht Club, Soggy Dollar, Sandy Cay, secret coves and special places – the list goes on. He clearly knows the BVI very well and that made a big, noticeable difference, especially when/if you want to modify itineraries mid-trip! He also patiently and carefully orchestrated first-time dives for the adults and kids. So special.

    And Dani! She kept us VERY well fed with amazing meals and was so accommodating to our picky group (and especially sweet to the youngest of our group – a 10 year old chatterbox that woke up early with her daily). A couple of us are gluten free, some don’t eat any fish, and she didn’t disappoint. Breakfasts and desserts (key lime pie!) are a particular highlight (her plating skills are on point), along with delicious salads and yummy dinners. But the showstopping culinary feat was the traditional, full course, delicious THANKSGIVING meal she pulled off. Simply perfect.

    So I guess you can say it was a good trip. If you’re a guest and reading this, congratulations. You won!

    And to Ish and Dani – thank you so so so much. We will be back.

  • The Jenny Weber Group

    Wow!! What a trip! Julia and Ish outdid themselves. Our trip went way too fast. Julia’s cooking and culinary artistry was truly amazing! Every meal was superb and even better than the restaurant! Their hosting skills were top notch. Ish was a very capable, responsible, and most competent captain! They were both so fun and friendly! They will be missed and are truly an asset to their profession and we wish them both well 🙂 Southern Comfort is a gorgeous vessel!

  • Jillian

    “After my birthday sailing trip with three other couples was canceled one week into COVID, rescheduled three times, re-directed from BVI to USVI, and had a crew change, I was not sure what our sailing trip would be like. Those concerns quickly disappeared upon arrival to Southern Comfort. We were warmly greeted with Julia’s smile and Ish’s calm demeanor which instantly relaxed us all. The pair worked tirelessly the entire trip – incredible, delicious gourmet meals every day (tailored to address food allergies), selective, beautiful coves to swim, kayak, paddle board, dive, anchor, sail in the turquoise waters were just what we asked and hoped for … every, I mean, every attention to detail was considered. I have never seen two people work as hard as Julia and Ish and yet did so with ease and smiles. They truly care about ensuring you have a wonderful trip and are passionate about what they do. I could not have asked for a better birthday or a vacation. Anyone who is able to have Julia and Ish as their crew would be lucky to have them. The trip was worth waiting for and one I will always remember in a large part to Julia and Ish’s unbelievable hospitality. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Julia and Ish!! We all miss you already.”

  • Sheldon & Nancy

    Good times and great vibes! We started the trip with 8 friends and left with 10. Julia’s cooking is fantastic! Ish led the underwater excursions and hit the happy hour button. For all who come after us, sit back, enjoy the scenic ride, and have a wonderful time like we enjoyed.
    With love and smooth sailing

  • Nataly & Victor

    Best trip ever!!! Boat was fabulous. Crew was wonderful. Food was outstanding. We look forward to coming back soon. We would really like to point out that Julia and Ish were so kind and helpful, catering to all our requests. Could not imagine going on another boat trip without checking what boat they are crewing so we can be onboard. Once again, thank you for everything!

  • Leonard & Denise

    Hogs on a boat … it all started with Leonard’s bucket list 15-20 years ago. Even with COVID complications removing BVI, the USVI did not disappoint. Four husbands who all went to high school, one wife who also did, and three wives who joined the fun, all explored the fun times together. Ish and Julia became part of our family as they cared for us and shared their lives with us. We loved the amazing food served three times per day and many of us had lots of “firsts” of foods. Yummy!! Snorkeling, cruising “on the Boat”, exploring beaches … we loved it all. Time after dinner to relax and reminisce, play the Newlywed Game, go to Prom, etc. led to lots of memories and laughter. Again, Ish and Julia were amazing! We are adopting them. Their parents must be so proud! Go Hogs!

  • Jean

    Thank you so much for a spectacular time! Although I arrived home to a full house and Thanksgiving preparations, how could we not miss the warm Caribbean and pampering we received on the Southern Comfort! From the time we arrived on the boat until the time we had to leave, you made our trip exceed any expectations that I conjured up in my mind. The catamaran was very well maintained and beautiful. A great vessel for respite from the daily grind.

    The sailing, snorkeling, hiking, diving and swimming were just the adventures that our group were looking for. You and Ish were great Captains, cruise directors, chefs and staff. We were all amazed at the spectacular service provided to 8 people by just the 2 of you.

    The food was so delicious and diverse. Quite a feat in a small kitchen! You are quite an amazing chef. I’m still waiting for the cookbook! Everything you served was fresh, flavorful and visually delightful! A foodie paradise, if you will.

    I would highly recommend this experience to everyone. You both made our first sailing experience an extraordinary adventure! Thank you for everything and please keep in touch. You are wonderful people who we really enjoy and admire.

  • Our crew of six were impressed with Ish and Julia on The Southern Comfort. They absolutely MADE the trip for us. The boat was immaculate and the attention to detail throughout the trip was amazing.

    Julia’s meals were spectacular – they were fresh, healthy and delicious – and the presentation was beautiful. We felt like every meal came from a top tier restaurant.

    Ish’s easy-going style made it seem like nothing was a problem – he put us at ease the entire trip – while we know he was in constant motion making sure that everything was perfect. And we LOVED how fun-spirited they were – always ready for a laugh – so fun and personable!

    The crew was fun – but also extremely professional and thorough. The Southern Comfort hosted six of us – and it always looked like we had just stepped on board. The itinerary was perfect and they listened to our requests and then put it in motion. I don’t know how they did it. They set the bar for hospitality and service for any future vacations for us.

  • Joan & Harry

    We hope our delay in sending this note to you does not diminish our gratitude or the joy we experienced for the seven days we sailed the Caribbean on Soterion [previous yacht] with Ish and Julia. Every moment was magical as we enjoyed the special quality of your beautiful catamaran and the completely enjoyable company of your Captain, Ish, and First Mate and Chef, Julia. We couldn’t have been more comfortable with such luxurious space and copious amenities. The perfect weather with strong winds, choppy waters, and abundant sunshine was an added benefit. And yet, it is Ish and Julia that made our experience most fun and memorable. In less than an hour, we knew that we were in experienced, capable hands and that getting to know our two hosts would be an absolute delight.

    As chef, Julia was 100% successful in meeting the challenge of our daughter, Julie’s, unusual dietary restrictions. She presented one beautiful and delicious meal after another that the three of us thoroughly enjoyed. The meals seemed effortless despite the hours she spent in the galley, often with Ish at her side as sous chef or as clean-up assistant afterwards. The way they worked together as the sailing crew was even more impressive. They seemed to read each other’s minds, and their nimbleness running from one part of the boat to the other was enviable. Their partnership as sailors and hosts was a joy to watch, and we’re grateful to have been the beneficiaries of their skill, attentiveness to us, and utterly charming personalities. They also met the challenge of my fall and associated back pain with great concern and care, which made me feel safe and comfortable.

    We feel as if no words can do justice to their contribution to our absolutely perfect sailing experience, but we hope in some way this conveys our admiration of them and our gratitude for their efforts to care for us in every way possible. They each are very special individuals, and we are privileged to have had the opportunity to get to know them and spend time with them on your extraordinary sailing vessel. They definitely do the magnificent Soterion proud.

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