Lagoon 77ft - 2019

Twin Flame 77 - prev Tellstar

Yacht description

Wow! – Twin Flame 77 is an amazing yacht, and the icing on the cake is an amazing crew also. This 2019 model from Lagoon is 77ft of unabashed luxury and space. There are four roomy queen cabins – one of which is a master with a seating area and larger bathroom. The aft queen cabin can be converted to singles, which works great for families or mixed groups. The salon is very light and airy with a dining and comfortable seating option.

This yacht has a forward and an aft cockpit with sliding doors opening onto each – seamlessly melding the indoor and outdoor spaces. On the third level is a huge fly bridge which is sure to become the most popular spot on the yacht for dining, sundowners or just relaxing.

Penny's personal opinion

Why book Twin Flame – There are so many reasons to book this yacht but I think one of the best is SHEER LUXURY – from stem to stern nothing has been overlooked when it comes to guest satisfaction.  Large comfortable cabins, masses of deck space and an impressive third floor flybridge for those sunset cocktails.  Add into the mix gourmet food and an attentive crew of four making a vacation on this yacht one you won’t forget!

Yacht layout


  • Yacht
    • Fully air conditioned
    • Salon TV
    • Satellite TV
    • Device hookups
    • Hair dryers
    • Water maker
    • Ice maker
  • Water Toys
    • 16.5ft RIB w/90hp
    • Snorkel gear
    • Adult waterskis
    • Kid's waterskis
    • Towing tube
    • Kneeboard
    • Wakeboard
    • Kayak x 2
    • Dbl kayak
    • SUP x 3
    • Floating mats
    • Underwater camera and video
    • Fishing gear

Onboard experience

Crew profile
Kieran & Michelle met back in 2012 in Mexico whilst working in the dive industry as instructors and photographers. Since then they have been on an unstoppable adventure that has taken them across the Caribbean, Americas, Europe & SE Asia. They have now been in the charter industry for 8 years and are definitely enjoying their home in the British Virgin Islands. A country full of history and secrets that has allowed them to slowly discover more and more as their adventure continues.
Sample menu
This is a sample menu only to give you an idea of your chef’s cooking style. Your menu will be personalised for you - designed around your food and drink preferences. Most chefs are able to adapt to different dietary requirements such as vegetarian or gluten free but please let us know at the time of booking so we can check for you.

Rental rates

7 nights
6 nights
5 nights
2 $ 82,000 $ 70,286 $ 68,333
3 $ 83,000 $ 71,143 $ 69,167
4 $ 84,000 $ 72,000 $ 70,000
5 $ 85,000 $ 72,857 $ 70,833
6 $ 86,000 $ 73,714 $ 71,667
7 $ 87,000 $ 74,571 $ 72,500
8 $ 88,000 $ 75,429 $ 73,333

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.

2 $ 82,000 $ 70,286 $ 68,333
3 $ 83,000 $ 71,143 $ 69,167
4 $ 84,000 $ 72,000 $ 70,000
5 $ 85,000 $ 72,857 $ 70,833
6 $ 86,000 $ 73,714 $ 71,667
7 $ 87,000 $ 74,571 $ 72,500
8 $ 88,000 $ 75,429 $ 73,333

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.

2 $ 82,000 $ 70,286 $ 68,333
3 $ 83,000 $ 71,143 $ 69,167
4 $ 84,000 $ 72,000 $ 70,000
5 $ 85,000 $ 72,857 $ 70,833
6 $ 86,000 $ 73,714 $ 71,667
7 $ 87,000 $ 74,571 $ 72,500
8 $ 88,000 $ 75,429 $ 73,333

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.


1-8 guests
7 nights minimum
Charters during Christmas week are required to finish by Dec 26


1-8 guests
7 nights minimum
New Year charters commence no earlier than Dec 28

Charter information

  • A crew gratuity, based on your level of satisfaction, but typically 15-20% of the charter rate is not included
  • Please inquire for relocation fees:
    All St Martin charters add $1500
    All St Lucia/Grenadines add $4000
  • Information and rates quoted on this website are believed to be correct but are subject to change without notice.


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  • Scott

    The charter was great! Gio was excellent and the rest of the crew were as well. We are learning more of what we like and can share that with Gio and he was able accommodate it.

    Ana was very sweet and Sam played board games with my daughter and laughed. Chef Richie was amazing! He truly is a wonderful chef and the food on 4th of July was amazing! We had a great beach bbq at the Baths. The crew did a great job.  The boat and toys were in great shape.

  • Dear Gio, Richie, Anais, Sammie,
    We have dreamed about doing this vacation for years (maybe decades and the experience far exceeded our expectations, you were so accommodating, professional + friendly beyond. Both Steve and I felt like we have made 4 new friends. You are all invited to stay with us in Los Angeles. Best of luck with all the adventures ahead of you. I have no doubt you will be living your dreams.
    Sincerely Jenny and Steve xoxoxoxoxo

    Dear beautiful crew of Tellstar, Gio, Ana, Sam + Richie,
    You are magical people who are gifted with hospitality skills and warm hearts that made us feel like royalty! Thank you!! We will remember this trip with amazing friends and warm smiles.
    With Abundant Gratitude Robyn and Brian,

    Thank you dear crew of the Tellstar our friends, Gio, Anna, Handsome Sam and Rockstar Richie.
    You kept us safe, well fed, hydrated!!! (ha ha) and in laughter!
    Love your playlists!
    Love your sunsets and sunrises!
    The California Bells

  • Steve, Mary, Jack, Emma and Vikki

    We absolutely loved Tellstar and her crew. After a longer than planned trip to get to the BVI the crew welcomed us with champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Jayde was an amazing chef and wowed us every day with her delicious meals. Anna encouraged us to try different cocktails which were always fabulous and kept our cabins spotless. Together Gio and Sam exhausted Emma, Jack and Vikki and got them to try a wide range of watersports. We hope the crew enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed theirs!

  • Sharon H

    I wanted to let the experiences of our fantastic week onboard Tellstar to settle in before adding a personal note so the time has come to share some recollections of our charter. Even so I’m sure I’ll miss a few highlights.

    Let’s just start with our warm and welcoming greeting from the entire crew and our first view of the absolutely gorgeous Seventy7 Lagoon. Nothing short of a spectacular yacht – we didn’t know it yet but it didn’t take long for us to realize the crew was equally spectacular in their own rights.

    You all must be experienced at keeping your laughter under wraps to the land dwellers trying to find their sea legs but we had an especially challenging experience as the Christmas winds came late this year and we had pretty consistent winds in excess of 20-25 knots. Thank you for making us feel safe at all times.

    Each of you have such individual talents but collectively – what a team! I loved when Jaimey sent Jake to a nearby yacht so he could have a moment of puppy time – nice and considerate to provide surprises to each other when the opportunity presents itself. And you never stop. We’re enjoying water activities while you are in the water keeping that yacht looking beautiful. We’re busy with breakfast and you’re all making up the cabins/likewise dinner and turning down the beds. So fun to walk out of my cabin to hear Jack and Jake having a very serious discussion on the table settings for the evening – humorous to me but just a simple example on how the details were important to you at every turn.

    So individually:

    Jake – such an interested and interesting young man. Always ready to learn and waiting for the opportunity to provide us with a delicious beverage of choice. Our group tended to be pretty self-sufficient so we had to make sure to let you show off your skills on occasion – and we were always pleased, but not surprised, with the results. You take pride in your abilities – rightfully so. So fun as the week went on to see your personality come out. When I try to describe you I generally end up at young Renaissance Man – that must be part personality and part upbringing so equal kudos to your family and your own self-determination. Varied interests, funny, humble, knowledgeable and just a joy to be around. The skies the limit young man! Thank you for the reminders on remaining curious and self-development regardless of age. And another thank you for being the source of our random question of the week – What is the difference between lasagna and diversity? (a nod to ASL)

    Chef – WOW – the food that just kept coming! Each meal a treat. I hope you know that it was a compliment when we requested an end to the 5 o’clock appetizer. Each meal was so delicious that we had to find a way to limit our excesses since when the meals appeared we tended to clean our plates. AND a very special thanks for providing GF meals to my friend Vikki – so often she is left with a “less than” meal but not on this trip – she really felt taken care of and special and, again, for that a very big thank you. And that GF birthday cake was more than we had hoped for. Making my friends happy makes me very happy. Now in addition to the fresh, delicious, and well-presented meals you have so many additional skills – like accompanying us on snorkel trips – how long can you hold your breath anyways? I was busy doing the group safety counts and had to wait for you to pop up!!! Thank you for the many unobserved hours you spend in the galley working your magic for all of us. (and for the very funny milk pouch story!!!)

    Capt. Jack – Where to start? For always making us feel safe and cared for in some rough seas – your captain skills were on full display. You navigate that yacht with remarkable skill that makes it look easy when we’re fully aware that it is not – and the communication with your team and your guests is top notch. That skill is matched with your joyful demeanor and the ability to quickly respond to any concerns that were raised. We had one room issue that was addressed head on with grace and complete satisfaction – thank you. In addition that one issue has provided us with so much laughter as we recount some of the charter highlights (the pitter patter between cabins). Another thank you for helping me navigate the “primary” responsibilities with grace and ease as we established the days activities. Your history of the area and story-telling accentuates the overall experience. I enjoyed watching you provide Jake with learning opportunities under your guidance – a great leader knows how to challenge his deck mate and build their confidence – you’re a really good teacher in that way. AND you were always so quick to direct praise to the appropriate crew member. You have such an evident joy in providing a unique experience for your guests but, for me, the real skill was in making us all feel like we were in the home of friends that were the BEST HOSTS EVER!!!! Thank you for the “homework”. At first it seemed an impossible task to come up with a favorite meal, favorite location and favorite experience BUT what a fantastic way for all of us to both consider and then share our highlights with each other. I don’t believe we came up with a single meal but the recall was a feast in and of itself.

    From now on my challenge for future vacations is to “top that”. You’ve set the bar high so I hope to let you know how we do. Hoping to see you again in a couple of years – until then smooth sailing to you all.

    I said it in person but want to say it again – A THOUSAND THANK YOU’S and I still might be a little short of all the gratitude for our week as your guests on Tellstar Seventy7.

  • JH

    Our vacation/graduation experience on the Tellstar was FANTASTIC! Could not have been any better, seriously, it was AWESOME!

    Captain Jack, Jamie & Jake were very accommodating and made our trip memorable forever! The food was AWESOME! The crew did up and beyond all expectations.

  • Katie

    Just spent an amazing week with Jack and Jaimey. The most gracious hosts, amazing food, incredible knowledge of the BVI’s, and constant source of jokes and stories. Can’t recommend them enough… the answer is always YES!

  • Jack W

    Jack and Jaimey are a phenomenal team. The itinerary was perfect and they made it fun. As a former restaurant owner, with 35 years in the industry, I would have hired Jamie in a heart beat but I know I could never match the view she has from her kitchen. She is talented, precise, and her food presentation is out of a magazine, while ALL being made from scratch, right down to the hamburger buns. The seasoning flavors and textures, are unbelievable, especially for a self trained chef, and she is also a good sailor. There are only 2 words; 5 star.

    Thanks for all your help arranging the charter, it was a wonderful vacation. If I can ever stop talking about it, I will most likely be booking again.

  • Debi & Ray

    Jack and Jaimey – Thank you both so much for all you did to make this incredible moving experience so special. I (Debi) will never be the same! I will go to this trip in my head and heart often and think of you both.

    We’ll certainly be sharing our love of this vessel, trip and awesome crew. Loved the teamwork and how you make it all look so easy – we know and appreciate how hard you work and all you do!

  • Logan

    We’ve been chartering for a number of years. Jaimey and Jack were the best! The answer is YES, no matter what the question. Great insight into what there is to do, what you should try, and what’s possible given the conditions. Jack’s sailing lessons encouraged us to learn and he let us lend a hand. Couldn’t have been more pleased with the week.

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