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blue horizon - testimonials
Blue Horizon, 2-stateroom BVI crewed charter powerboat
We don’t know where to start! What an amazing adventure with two incredible people! Emma's culinary skills and presentation rivals some of the best restaurants in the world! Every meal breakfast, lunch and dinner was prepared to perfection! Some of us had restricted diets and Emma was able to prepare us all the similar meals and accommodate everyone with such ease! Each meal's presentation was a master piece, not only in looks but taste as well! Overall we couldn't have asked for anything more, it was truly amazing! We will definitely return, looking forward to our next trip to the BVI!

This was our first experience and don't need to look further, when we go back it will be with Tommy and Emma! They make a great team! They made, an already wonderful holiday, a FANTASTIC one! Tommy and Emma fit right in with our family, Tommy's knowledge of sailing made the trips fun and secure, he answered all of our questions on all aspects of sailing. His dry humor made us laugh more than once. He's a perfect captain and has amazing bartending skills! He made us great cocktails and always made a special one for our ten year old. Emma's cooking was incredible, she does magic in that little kitchen! Five Stars to Emma!! Always surprising us with great meals, appetizers and desserts!!! Emma's a true gem, she has a positive and funny personality. She is a real joy to be around. She even took time to snorkel with me despite being very busy. Thank you, Tommy and Emma for this wonderful time, it was sad leaving you guys and we will miss you. We hope you have many great charters this year and that you stay safe.

Tommy is an excellent skipper, in calm control of the boat, we felt very confident in his care. He absolutely knows the waters and all the best spots to anchor. He was always polite and seemingly unflappable. He went to extra effort to get the children interested in the workings of the boat. He was also always very attentive to our needs, offering drinks and activities all the time.

Emma, similarly is a super hostess. She equally handled all boat activities in a calm and efficient manner. With the children she was amazing, creating all sorts of activities for them and visiting lots of lovely spots that she knew they would really like. All the food she prepared was an excellent standard and we were especially grateful that she was happy to cook a separate meal for the children early each evening. We enjoyed Mimosas on our morning sail, a lovely lunch and romantic evening meal. After dinner they had set out blankets and cushions on deck for us to star gaze with a bottle of champagne.

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