Crew profile

Captain: Darrel Hearne (South Africa)
Chef: Jenn Hart (Canada)
Mate: Chris (South Africa)
Stewardess: Jenny Gulland (UK)

Captain: Darrel Hearne
Darrel grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he spent his time prowling the suburban jungles and raising his pet lion, Chaos. He also managed to actually finish school, and spent several wasted years at university studying a surprisingly varied and random number of subjects, all of which are totally useless in his current job. He is also a lieutenant in the South African National Defense Force – salutes are optional on board. He speaks three languages, two of which are only spoken in South Africa.

In 2003 he decided to quit his job and give up the exciting life of an accountant, and go to sea. He moved to Cape Town in South Africa, to complete his captain’s license. After several months of sailing some of the roughest waters on the planet, he finished his qualifications, and is legally allowed to captain small dinghies in several third-world countries. He has lived and sailed in the Caribbean for the past fourteen years, sailing on a variety of vessels in the charter industry. He has extensive sailing experience throughout the Caribbean, and knows where to find the best bars on most islands, some of which may let him come back again. In his travels he has swum with dolphins, had humpback whales breach right next to (and almost land on) his boat, and sailed through a hurricane. He is keen to experience two of these three things again. He is an experienced and seasoned sailor, with over 45,000 nautical miles logged and over 400 charters successfully completed.

Chef: Jenn Hart
Jenn grew up in Canada (in a well-known haunted house, no less!) but has strong family ties in the islands. She visited the British Virgin Islands for twenty years before finally taking the leap to make the switch and become a local. Along the way she has managed a jazz club, been a make-up artist, worked as a realtor and captained a space simulator. Her move has worked out well, as she brings her considerable experience in the hospitality and food industries on board. Our guests continue to rave about her gourmet cuisine, and guests are advised to bring loose-fitting clothing for the return trip. Naturally friendly and engaging, Jenn will win you over with her home cooking and cheerful vibe.

Jenn comes from a family of chefs, and has worked in the hospitality industry for many years. Her experience comes from restaurant management and hands-on learning. She has three years of experience in the charter yacht industry, and brings all her varied experiences to bear when creating her delicious meals. Jenn is a versatile chef who works closely with guests to come up with a charter menu tailored to their personal preferences. She enjoys using locally-grown foodstuffs, and tries to incorporate a farm-to-table approach in her cooking. She has amazing contacts and local suppliers down here that assist in this, and she strives to incorporate healthy and wholesome nutrition in her delicious meals. Her favorite culinary creations are classics with a twist, or anything where people ask for more.

A keen beach bum, Jenn’s love of the water and the island life are a perfect fit for the charter lifestyle. Combine that with her warm and caring nature, and it makes her everyone’s favorite crew member. She is a sunny, genuine, friendly soul, and we are very happy to have her on board as part of our team.

Mate: Chris
Chris was born in South Africa, but moved to the Virgin Islands at the tender age of nine, growing up on boats and living here until 2017 when hurricane Irma blew him all the way to Canada. He returned in September 2023 to assume the first mate role on Angeleyes – Canada’s loss is our gain. Chris has worked in the charter and hospitality for many years, and his calm friendly demeanor will win you over in an instant. In addition to excelling in every aspect of the charter function, Chris is a genuinely kind and good person at heart, and is, in the opinion of the crew members and all who meet him, the nicest guy in the world. He also makes a mean martini; is an avid watersports enthusiast, and a great instructor. Chris holds his 200 ton captain’s license and has tons of experience yachting through the Caribbean. He makes a fantastic new addition to our crew and, like Santa, brings peace and good cheer to our motley gang.

Stewardess: Jenny Gulland
Angeleyes runs with three full-time crew, but we bring on a fourth crew member for charters of seven or more guests. There are a handful of people on island that we use for this – all of which are good friends with years of experience in the industry and who have a similar outlook and vibe to the rest of us – we believe that the crew makes or breaks the charter, and we strive to ensure that any crew member on board has the thee F’s – Friendliness, Flexibility and being Fenomonally good at the job!