Barefoot Cowboy
Crew profile

Captain: Roy Pat Rucker (USA)
Chef/First Mate: Natalie Rucker (USA)

Captain: Roy Pat Rucker
Captain Roy Pat Rucker has helped dozens of clients experience unforgettable dream vacations since 2013. He has spent over 4 years sailing around the Virgin Islands and is a certified advanced diver. He’s a Texas-born-and-raised cowboy who worked on ranches and rodeoed in his youth.

He recently retired from BP after 30 years of service, where he held many roles including mechanic, lead tech, maintenance team leader, fireteam leader, and maintenance planner working on offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caspian sea off the coast of Azerbaijan.

In 2017, he lost his Three Moons Charter yacht to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. He was devastated at seeing the damage the island had taken and all his hard work in utter desolation. He did everything right, but in the end, he lost his dream, and his crew lost their jobs.
Through the ordeal, however, he ended up getting married and realized how much he had loved his time on S/Y Three Moons. He and his wife, Natalie decided to get a catamaran together and start over.


Chef: Natalie Rucker
Natalie’s background is in the optical world, where she spent 29 years as a certified optician. She loves working with people and customizing their experience. Customer service is her forte! Natalie will tell you she has the best job in the entire world. She gets to help make sure you eat delicious food, drink the best drinks, and have the time of your life! And as an added bonus, she can adjust your sunglasses if you sit on them. Natalie’s favorite destination is Dinghy’s on Water Island for Sunday Fundays and live music. She also loves Hull Bay for its quiet local vibe. For drinks, she’s a sucker for Diet Coke & Cruzan Rum and Margaritas!






First Mate/ Security Officer/ Cuddle Buddy “Pete”
You won’t find a better First Mate than this handsome, well-mannered Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund. As a mature 5-year-old, Pete is dedicated to keeping the crew and all aboard the Barefoot Cowboy in good spirits. He’s laid back, enjoys chasing reflections, riding in the dinghy, long walks on the beach, swimming, loves naps and acts as Captain Roy’s shadow when off-duty. He has made over 200 friends in his first year of duty! He enjoys the dock hands stopping by to say hello and bring him treats. Pete also specializes in security detail. He ensures that any dropped food on deck is cleaned up ASAP.