Denise Rose
Crew profile

Captain: Keith Hyatt (USA)
Chef: Mike Lombardi (USA)
Chef: Chef Haydee Collado (alternating chef with Mike)
Stewardess: Allison Hines
Engineer: Jhovanny Marin "Gio"

Captain: Keith Hyatt
Keith moved to the Virgin Islands as a young man in the 1980s. Almost immediately, he found his passion aboard yachts. He started his career on sailboats, and worked diligently to upgrade his knowledge and certifications until achieving his first Captain’s license in 1986. He has added hours and experience ever since and now holds a 1600-ton USCG license.

Captain Keith honed his precise maneuvering skills running commercial vessels; ferry boats and ocean-going tugboats. He also worked for ten years aboard charter fishing yachts in Corpus Christi, Texas. Aboard the fishing yachts he was the entire crew; captain, cook, mate and stew. This multi-talented skipper knows how to run a ship from the inside out and flawlessly. Guests who love fishing, from the cockpit or the tender, are in for a thrilling time. Even experienced fishermen are likely to pick up a few tips.

Keith oversaw an extensive refit on Denise Rose in 2018 and worked aboard as Captain for two more years. He is now back by popular demand! and is intimately familiar with the yacht. He always enjoys hosting guests on charter and is adept at putting even first-timers completely at ease. He is a Master Diver and enjoys all types of water sports activities. Should guests want to try something new or improve their skill level, Keith makes every endeavor a rewarding experience. Besides his love of sailing, fishing, and diving, Keith is an avid runner, so he is able to keep up with even the most active guests! He is easy going, accommodating, flexible and fun. Let Keith and his crew launch your perfect vacation aboard Denise Rose!

Chef: Mike Lombardi
Chef Michael Lombardi was born on Staten Island New York and grew up along the Jersey Shore. The tradition of his grandmother’s customary Sunday meal with all the love and energy that went into it, and a beloved beloved uncle who acted as chef for Team USA at the Olympic games were strong influences and inspirations for him. Although Michael favors rustic Italian food over all others, he is also a master of West Indian Caribbean Cuisine and of Sushi, plus he delightedly serves up lots of other creative fusion dishes inspired by the Americas, the Caribbean and Asia.

After a move to the Caribbean, Mike worked as a restauranteur and chef, and as well found himself hosting smaller dinner parties and catering. The word got around, and as his following developed, he and the world of yacht charter discovered one another. Today, working onboard yachts is his favorite job ever. Not only does he love having a great ocean view, he really enjoys creating exquisite meals for a small number of guests, and being able to tailor dishes to individuals.

Chef Mike works well with dietary restrictions and preferences, and is happy to customize menus for guests. He likes to anticipate guests’ needs and looks forward to seeing empty plates coming back… often followed by a round of applause! He works with the rest of the crew to make each meal pleasingly ambient, and feels his creations bring people together.

Before the charter Chef Mike can be found visiting the island markets for fresh local produce. Inspiration can be driven by a catch of the day, fresh, organic vegetables/herbs and engaging with local farmers. He strives to source sustainably and buy local wherever possible, following today’s trends toward healthier eating and desire for local ingredients. For example, try his Caribbean Lobster Rangoon, Stoneground Mustard­ Encrusted Rack of Lamb and Creamy Mushroom Risotto, all created from fresh and local produce where possible.

When off charter, Mike can be found chasing a few waves with his surf board and exploring other nearby Caribbean islands.

Chef Haydee Collado (alternating chef with Mike):
Self-motivated professional with outstanding skills as a private/personal/yacht Chef. Superior leadership and interpersonal skills; ability to build rapport with customers and colleagues; innate ability to interact effectively with people of various cultures and backgrounds and succeed in high-pressure challenging and deadline driven environments. I bring strong supervisory food prep and organizational skills to the table. My values, hard work, commitment and vision, follow me in any situation.

Stewardess: Allison Hines
Allison is a dynamic and adventurous professional whose career journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. With a background as a Navy veteran, Allison’s early years were marked by discipline, precision, and a commitment to service.

Transitioning from the military, Allison discovered her passion for the culinary arts, donning the chef’s hat to create culinary experiences that are memorable and lasting. Her culinary prowess began early, cooking in kitchens with her aunts from India and Korea, who gave her a worldly education of travel through food at a young age. She not only satisfied appetites but showcased her creativity and flair for innovation in the kitchen and telling stories of love through food.

Ever the explorer, Allison then took to the skies as a flight attendant, combining her love for travel with her dedication to customer service. Navigating through the clouds, she brought warmth and hospitality to the passengers, making each journey a delightful experience.

In a surprising twist, Allison ventured into the world of butchery, where she honed her skills in raising animals with her farmers, bringing top-quality, locally raised and pastured meats to her loyal customers. As the proud owner of a female owned, pinup inspired butcher shop, she became a connoisseur of cuts, offering her customers education as well as a personalized experience in the world of meat.

But the adventure didn’t stop there. Allison is now embracing the maritime lifestyle as a yacht stewardess, and rotating chef, bringing her expertise in hospitality to the high seas. From catering to the needs of discerning yacht owners to ensuring seamless operations on board, she brings luxury, world knowledge and creates memorable and lasting experiences for her charter guests. Just ask anyone of them!

Allison Hines’s career bio is a testament to her versatility, resilience, and passion for embracing diverse challenges. Whether in the air, in the kitchen, behind the counter, or on the waves, she continues to redefine success with each new chapter in her remarkable journey.

Engineer: Jhovanny Marin “Gio”
Jhovanny Marin, a dedicated Yacht Engineer brings a wealth of expertise in marine mechanical engineering to Denise Rose. With a career spanning over seven years, Jhovanny is driven by a passion for integrating his skills into fostering team growth and providing smooth and successful charters.

In his career as a yacht engineer on various luxury charter yachts, his roles included the implementation of Planned Maintenance Systems, participation in project planning and execution, and successful installation of a Reverse Osmosis Unit. Jhovanny’s proficiency extends to various marine engineering systems, including propulsion, diesel engines, and hydraulic systems, coupled with a keen understanding of preventive maintenance strategies.

Jhovanny is certified in Second Engineer Officer Endorsement and Dynamic Positioning. He exhibits a commitment to professional growth and excellence. He is recognized for his strong teamwork ethos, problem-solving abilities, and capacity to excel in high-pressure environments. Fluent in Spanish and in English, Jhovanny bridges cultural divides effortlessly, facilitating seamless communication within diverse teams.

A graduate of the National Experimental Maritime University of the Caribbean, Venezuela, with a degree in Merchant Navy Engineering, Jhovanny Marin stands as a beacon of expertise and dedication in the maritime engineering domain.