King's Ransom
Crew profile

Captain: Stuart Brink (South Africa)
Chef/First Mate: Michelle Brink (South Africa)
Steward: Sam Carter (New Zealand)
Deckhand: Aldo Jonker (South Africa)

Captain: Stuart Brink
(+- 12000 Nautical Miles)
Stuart started surfing when he was just 5-years old. Combine this with an upbringing that includes building a 32’ sailing yacht with his father and his dedication as a crew member of the National Sea Rescue Institute in South Africa for 15 years, we like to say that sailing and the ocean form part of his DNA.

Stuart is very adventurous and will make your journey unbelievably fun while he ensures your safety. If you enjoy water sports, then this is your guy! As our captain, Stuart pays extreme attention to detail. Your comfort is his priority and with his added years of experience in the hospitality industry, this skill comes naturally to him.





Chef: Michelle Brink
(+- 9000 Nautical Miles)
Michelle has always had a passion for adventure. She is also a “creative” at heart and loves spending time in the kitchen. Her skills allow her to incorporate beauty and design into everything she does. Whether it is cooking, presentation, table settings or photography, Michelle adds splendour to everything she touches.

Over the past few years, the ocean has become an important part of her life. From sailing and surfing to snorkeling and diving, Michelle is all about discovery, having fun and meeting new people.






Steward: Sam Carter
(+- 5000 Nautical Miles)
Sam is our incredible steward (not to be confused with our captain, who is also an incredible Stuart) and is here to help make sure your trip with us will be unforgettable. Originally, he is from the farmlands in New Zealand and comes equipped with a fun accent and useless facts about sheep. With over 8 years’ experience in some of his country’s top accommodations and attractions, Sam is always ready to go the extra kilometre, which is of course further than the extra mile.







Deckhand: Aldo Jonker
(+- 6000 Nautical Miles)
Aldo is the deckhand and divemaster on Kings Ransom. He is from South Africa, where he has moved around the country and has lived on farms for most of his life. He loves the outdoors and all kinds of sports. From studying agriculture and farming to then becoming a dive instructor, he realized that his primary passion is for the ocean. He found his way into the yachting industry and has not looked back since!

Aldo has a calm and relaxed nature but still maintains high safety standards and will take you on amazing dives and all sorts of epic water sports adventures.