Crew profile

Captain: Ryan Hayes (South African)
Chef/First Mate: Cara Whiteman (UK)

Captain: Ryan Hayes
Having been born and raised in the southernmost tip of Africa. Ryan Immediately was drawn to the ocean. From catching lobster before school to surfing after dark it was only natural that he would choose a career in sailing!

After completing his Yacht master Ocean in 2015 he immediately began his professional sailing career. After completion of his licenses, he immediately began extensive cruising of the East African coast and islands. Namely Mozambique, Madagascar, Tanzania, Mauritius, and the Seychelles. Some incredible stories from his time in this part of the world that only he can share with you!

Ryan then began to hone in on his abilities as a captain and cemented his name in the charter industry out of the Mediterranean. After 5 Years of the med, he sought further opportunities which lead him to the islands of French Polynesia and the treacherous waters of the Southern Ocean. Having completed ocean crossings of the Atlantic and Indian ocean and some 30000m of sailing he found himself in the waters of the Virgin Islands.

Captain Ryan enjoys teaching his guests the art of sailing. Ryan being a qualified Sailing instructor enjoys sharing his trade with others and it makes him smile to see his onboard guests enjoying that same love for sailing! After many years of charter work he understands the guests needs and is happy to tailor an itinerary to meet your hearts desire. Be it going to all the “Must see Places”, having an activity filled holiday or simply opening a book and enjoying the Caribbean weather.

Guarantee you’ll find yourself tucked into a beautiful bay, sipping a delicious cocktail and planning the next holiday!

Chef/First Mate: Cara Whiteman
Cara was born and raised in Edinburgh. Growing up traveling through Europe in a van with her parents, she always loved the idea of living on the road. After studied an arts degree she left Scotland to explore the globe. Moving to Australia and getting her first job in a kitchen there was no turning back, she began her journey cooking across the world. In 2017 starting her yachting career and qualifying as a Scuba Diving instructor in Honduras, sailing became her full-time life. Traveling across 60 countries, and sailing in some untouched and remote corners, including Tahiti and Fiji, the British Virgin Islands has always had her heart.

Cara’s passion for food sparked from creativity, adventure and culture. She loves to bring in elements of local culture, and produce into her dishes, and get creative with flavors, plating and table scaping! Cara is a nutritionist and loves to make sure her food is as equally nourishing as delicious, as well as making sure we are eating sustainably and protecting our planet. Her favorite thing about living and cooking on a yacht is that you can catch something fresh and get it straight on the grill, it doesn’t get much better than that. Spending every day on the water, whether it is above or below sea level, is what keeps that smile on her face! She’s now spent two seasons on the islands and doesn’t plan to leave anytime soon.