Crew profile

Captain: Tyrone La Rue (USA)
Chef: Cris Flores (USA)
Steward/Deck Hand: Luan Niemandt

Captain: Tyrone La Rue
Captain Tyrone La Rue, with over a decade of experience at sea, is renowned for his charismatic and energetic personality. As a world traveler, having explored the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic seas, he has most recently established his expertise in the Caribbean archipelago, dedicating the past five years to exploring the enchanting waters of the BVI. Holding an RYA Yachtmaster Ocean ticket and a PADI Dive Masters certificate, Tyrone is a qualified skipper with a passion for delivering exceptional charter experiences.

Known for his ability to create a fun and memorable atmosphere, Captain La Rue ensures the safety of all on board while orchestrating an unforgettable journey. With an unblemished track record as a skipper, he takes pride in providing a high-quality charter experience on the yacht Maverick. A highly organized team leader, Tyrone voluntarily lends a helping hand wherever needed, demonstrating his commitment to achieving the utmost satisfaction for everyone on board. Embark on a voyage with Captain Tyrone La Rue for an unparalleled maritime adventure filled with excitement, safety, and unparalleled hospitality.

Chef: Cris Flores
With two decades of experience in the culinary industry, Cris is a seasoned chef and business owner known for her expertise in international cuisines. Specializing in Latin, Southern American, Mediterranean, Caribbean, and more, she brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the table.

Cris is dedicated to perpetual refinement, actively seeking and embracing diverse training methodologies from culinary experts worldwide, as part of her unwavering commitment to ongoing education in the culinary arts. Her dedication ensures that she stays ahead of culinary trends, offering guests innovative and cutting-edge dining experiences.

Adept at accommodating diverse dietary restrictions, Cris crafts menus that cater to allergies, specific dietary requirements, and personal preferences. Her commitment to excellence extends beyond the galley, as she goes above and beyond to exceed guest expectations. Passionate about providing exceptional service, Cris takes the time to understand each guest’s preferences, working tirelessly to create bespoke menus that leave a lasting impression.

Steward/Deck Hand: Luan Niemandt
Luan is an enthusiastic and hardworking individual with a diverse skill set that brings immense value to any team. With a contagious smile and an outgoing personality, Luan is always ready to tackle new and exciting challenges.

Having spent a decade in the restaurant and service industry, Luan brings a wealth of experience, including roles as a bar manager, restaurant manager, and mixologist. The expertise extends to hotel and luxury villa management, showcasing a keen eye for hospitality and customer service.

Luan’s true passion lies on the open waters. With extensive sailing experience and an in-depth knowledge of the BVI and Caribbean waters, he is well-versed in navigating the seas with finesse. As a deckhand/stew, Luan is not only equipped with the necessary yacht qualifications, including AIDA 3 Advanced Freediving certification, SSI Open Water Scuba Certification, STCW, ICC, and ENG1, but also possesses a genuine love for water sports and an active lifestyle.

Beyond the qualifications and skills, Luan embodies a spirit of curiosity and adventure. Always open to learning new skills and exploring the beauty of the Caribbean, he brings a dynamic energy to the yacht environment. Whether it’s managing the deck or ensuring impeccable service on board, Luan is the perfect addition to create memorable and enjoyable experiences for both crew and guests alike.