Crew profile

Captain: Tyler Boruff (USA)
Chef/First Mate: Erika Boruff (USA)
Chef Rotational - Blair Barbour (USA)
Mate: Colin Lange (Canada)

Captain: Tyler Boruff
Tyler is always on the move and ready for an adventure. He is a man of many hobbies and easily relates to others. As an avid sailor, experienced diver and adrenaline chaser he finds living and working on the water befitting. For Tyler, chartering is the perfect platform to share his passion for the water. His enthusiasm for the outdoors extends to guiding hikes, exploring remote islands, finding the best jumping spots to plunge into the ocean and showing guests all the best local sites. As your captain, Tyler will make sure you have a fun, safe time on Ohana. Tyler will work with you to make sure your trip is full of destinations and adventures that fulfill your island vacation bucket list.

Interests: Fishing, Triathlons, Freediving, Cave Diving, Fitness, Bow Hunting, Reading, Yoga, Extreme Sports, Trail Running, Hiking, Skiing, Spearfishing, Technical Diving
Fun Fact: Tyler wants to circumnavigate and charter around the world.

Chef Rotational – Erika Boruff
Erika has a love for entertaining which she demonstrates by whipping up creative eats that make gathering around the table a main event. Beyond the galley, you can find Erika helping with sails, jumping in for a dive, or even teaching yoga. She has worked as a delivery crew and even crossed the Atlantic Ocean by sailing yacht making her a strong crew member. Erika is the ultimate trip host – making sure her guests are entertained and well-fed. Her background in logistics and experience in food prep helps her provide delicious dining experiences to accompany your vacation.

Interests: Yoga, Freediving, Cave Diving, Wreck and Shark Diving, Guitar, Lobstering, Hiking, Tiny Home Travel, Reading, Writing, Muay Thai
Fun Fact: Erika rescued a dog during Covid that lived on their last boat for two seasons. Roo the Boat Dog is now retired and lives with Erika’s parents with her two doggie brothers in North Carolina.

Chef Rotational – Blair Barbour
Blair was raised between the city of Philadelphia and the mountains of Virginia with her many sisters. Her father built boats and she spent every summer in a lake, ocean or river. Her mother is an artist who inspired her seek a degree in the creative arts. After college, Blair worked in the film industry and exhibited her artwork until she moved to Lake Tahoe to work on a boat for the summer. That summer turned into two years. During this time her sister became a well known sommelier in New York City restaurants and they traveled to vineyards around the world learning about wine and local cuisine fueling her passion to make cooking her new medium of art. Blair traveled to England to receive her culinary training and found a home floating on the Caribbean sea. She has been a chef on the ocean for four years while also spending time on land exhibiting her artwork in Philadelphia and New York.

Interests: Magic, Art, Yoga, Sand Sculpture Contests, Escape Rooms, Riddles, Sea Turtles, Tiny Homes, Road Trips, Glamping, Ukulele, Axe Throwing, Aperol Spritz, Pyramids, Hiking, Writing, Scavenger Hunts, Massages, Comedy, Business, Horse Jumping, Laughing
Fun Fact: Blair won second place in an axe throwing contest in Alaska, has her artwork in a private collection hanging next to an Andy Warhol and her family has won ‘best in show’ in the Ocracoke Sand sculpture contest.

Mate: Colin Lange
Colin grew up in New York sailing on Lake Ontario. He turned this passion into a career at a young age when he began teaching children how to sail. Moving down to the Caribbean to become a term charter yacht captain was an easy decision. Colin is also a scuba diving instructor and skilled mixologist. Multifaceted, his background in hospitality and experiences from traveling the world allow him to provide wonderful service while creating an environment full of delicious stories and conversations. On Ohana, Colin acts as the director of all things fun. From water skiing, snorkeling, island tours, cocktail making and everything in between. He is committed to making sure each moment is a memorable one for your charter and in his life.

Interests: Travel, Hiking, Skiing, Grape Stomping, Brewing (Beer), Earth Exploration, Technical Diving, Real Estate Investing
Fun Fact: Colin met Tyler and Erika in 2017 when they braved Hurricane Irma and the aftermath together on St. Thomas along with Colin’s Bernese Mountain Dog.