Sample menu

Chef Nikolaj’s menus focus on featuring local items in a creative and sophisticated way. This means fresh-farmed eggs, handpicked microgreens, and island-farmed vegetables when available. Local hot sauces inspired infused flavors and supporting local every chance we get. Breads and baked goods are all made in the galley or sourced from local bakeries. She uses organic and high-quality ingredients. Ohana supports keeping sustainability a priority when selecting meats and fish for our guests.

Dietary requirements and preferences can be met with advance notice. We are happy to accommodate everyone from picky eaters to those on medical diets. Most menu options can be served in a gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian or pescetarian modification easily. Certain diets require high-cost provisioning and may be subject to an additional cost.

Menus and planned meals are subject to change at any time due to remote provisioning restrictions, guest requests, sailing plans or at the chef’s discretion.

For celebrations requiring special items, themed decoration or large dessert requests, the guests may be asked to take Happy Hour on shore to give the crew time to set up, set the mood, and aim for a beautiful surprise. Please give advance notice for celebration cakes.

If your group is interested in starting their morning off with a yoga session Chef Erika offers a special option...



Hors D'Oeuvres