True Story
Crew profile

Captain: Jaco De Wet (South Africa)
Chef/First Mate: Simone De Wet (South Africa)

Jaco and Simóne both have a big passion for the ocean and the preservation of marine life.

Captain: Jaco De Wet
Jaco grew up boating and living along the coast of South Africa; he went on his first week long boat trip with his dad at the age of two and hasn’t turned back since. He has a long history within the maritime world, both professionally and personally.

Born in Namibia and having grown up in a small coastal fishing town called Velddrif in South Africa, the ocean is his second home. He is an avid fisherman whose spearfishing game is strong as is his freediving and sense of humor. Once he finished school, Jaco completed his Maritime Studies where he worked his way up the ladder from Cadet to Chief Mate Unlimited on different vessels ranging from chemical tankers to mining vessels, circling the globe at least four times, until he entered the yachting industry in Monaco as Mate and Master.

Chef/First Mate: Simone De Wet
Simóne, Jaco’s wife and right-hand woman, loves snorkeling and taking underwater footage. She has a passion for cooking, watching sunsets and sailing the waters. Born in South Africa, partly raised in England and partly raised in a small surf town in South Africa, Jeffreys Bay, she learned that life along the coast is where her heart and soul was meant to be.

After completing school, she moved to Cape Town where she studied at Stellenbosch University and completed three degrees within the Arts and Humanities field, completing her Masters in General Linguistics and tutoring at the University in her final year at Uni. She then moved to the big city and started working in Digital Marketing and Tourism.

After meeting her now, husband, Jaco, she discovered her love of boating and fell in love with life at sea. The two of them headed to Monaco. Along their boating journey, they got married and found their way to the US Virgin Islands.

Jaco and Simóne both have a big passion for the ocean and the preservation of marine life. They are both scuba dive masters. They have adventurous souls and know when to work hard and when to play hard. They are always seeking a new adventure and aim to experience both the peace and tranquility of being at sea as well as the exciting and explorative nature of everything the ocean provides.