Crew profile

Captain: Alex Mulder (UK)
Chef/Hostess: Carla Mulder (Italy)
Stewardess/Chef: TBA

2nd rotation crew: Jul 18, 2024-Mar 16, 2025
Captain: Ben Morton (UK)
Chef/Hostess: Paloma Ianulli
3rd crew: TBA

Alex & Carla: Mar 17-Aug 16, 2025

Captain: Alex Mulder
Alex loves to be on the ocean and he shares his passion with anyone who sets foot on Bagheera. His expertise in sailing is coupled with a detailed understanding of the Caribbean Islands and knowledge of little known beautiful spots. Sailing is second nature to Alex. He learned to sail at the age of 6 and as a teenager he raced across the Atlantic on, a 74-foot ketch. This set the course of his career (as a captain). He has sailed over 260,000 miles including 15 ocean crossings on a variety of vessels. For 12 years, Alex ran a 140 Topsail Schooner on a first class private charter.

Alex holds a MCA/RYA Master Ocean Certification (commercially endorsed) PADI Advanced Open Water Dive Certification and has extensive knowledge of not only what makes yachts run well but also what makes vacations fun with lasting lifetime memories. He is experienced, friendly, fun and committed to first class service and always at your service.

Chef/Hostess: Carla Mulder
Carla’s culinary creations reflect her dynamic personality and joy for connecting with people. Her menu offers mouth-watering delights from around the world, prepared from fresh local products and presented with a unique flair. She skillfully pairs each plate with a wine to ensure a well-rounded dining experience.

Carla has always loved to cook, helping out in restaurants in her youth back in Italy. Her creations are part Italian home cooking and fine French dining contrasted with exotic Thai cuisine. Her passion for food led her to obtain her formal training at Ashburton Culinary College, Devon, England. Before meeting Alex, Carla worked on a number of Super Yachts in Europe where she hosted the famous, wealthy and business elite.

Carla is a lifelong learner, continuously challenging herself to broaden her spectrum of food. To this end she has expanded her scrumptious repertoire with specialist courses in Vegan food, Indian cuisine, and Kosher considerations. She thrills her guests pallets with sophisticated nutritious foods with a unique twist creating a fusion of geography or a juxtaposition of traditional and modern. Carla has been certified with Food Safety and Hygiene (Level 3) in the UK and Service and Etiquette at the Flight Attendant School for Aerosul- Brazil.

Together Alex and Carla represent over 30 years in the charter business and over 15 years in high-end culinary service.

2nd crew Rotation will start July 18th, 2024 to March 16th 2025. (exact dates may change due to charters booked).
Alex and Carla will be onboard March 17th 2025 to August 16th, 2025

Captain Ben Moreton
From the UK, Ben is a well-travelled, highly motivated charter yacht captain whose passion for sailing has taken him to some of the most beautiful locations accessible by boat. His RYA MCA Yacht Masters 200T was obtained off the south coast of the UK in the waters of the English Channel.

Having also spent many years in Eco tourism in the Whitsunday islands on the Great Barrier Reef, Ben has a great understanding of the ocean and all of its creatures. Sailing the waters of the British Virgin Islands for 2 seasons, has given Ben amazing local knowledge of the area and its conditions.

Ben has an excitement that ensures each charter transcends general expectation and gives guests a unique and unforgettable experience on the water. From showing you the most exclusive locations above and below the water he is able to take you on a truly special vacation.

Onboard with Ben and his crew you can expect nothing less than the highest quality food, drink, adventure and service. It is important for all crew members that your charter vacation holds a special memory for all included.

Chef/Hostess: Paloma Ianulli
With a lifelong love for the culinary arts, Paloma discovered her passion for cooking at a young age. Her journey into the world of gastronomy has been driven by an insatiable curiosity for new flavors. She particularly adores Italian cuisine, having lived in Italy and always enjoying learning new techniques and exploring innovative ways to enhance flavors. Paloma began her culinary journey by working in various restaurants, eventually embarking on a world-traveling adventure seven years ago. Paloma’s heart lies in pastry, where she creatively delights. Besides her culinary interests, she has other hobbies such as theater, singing, photography, and book restoration.

In 2020, Paloma discovered the world of sailing and immediately fell in love with it. Realizing that her passions could be combined, she enthusiastically embraced the adventure, while also seizing the opportunity to attend the yacht chef course at Ashburton School. This experience further refined her culinary expertise, equipping her with the specialized skills needed to craft exquisite dishes for voyages across the seas.