Bali 54ft - 2021


Yacht description

Windward 5.4 is the perfect catamaran for up to four couples. Lots of space both outside and below decks. The cabins have queen beds and ensuite bathrooms – the aft port cabin has a little more space with an additional entrance from the cockpit.

Bali catamarans have perfected the open plan aspect of their catamarans with a hydraulically lifting bulkhead between the cockpit and salon making the flow seamless. Add to this, the front opening door to the forward cockpit and you probably have as much lounging space as you have at home! In addition, there is an upstairs sky lounge offering 360-degree views and cool breezes, the ideal spot for enjoying sundowners.

Our personal opinion

Why book Windward 5.4 – GREAT DESIGN – These Bali catamarans have evolved to become one of the best charter yachts around. The cabins have great space and headroom but the biggest draw is the outside space, which is huge for a 54ft yacht. The innovative lifting wall enhances this openness, and you can really enjoy the feeling of being on the water.

Yacht layout


  • Yacht
    • Fully air conditioned
    • Salon TV
    • Device hookups
    • Onboard wi-fi
    • Hair dryers
    • Water maker
    • Ice maker
  • Water Toys
    • 12ft RIB w/40hp
    • Snorkel gear
    • Towing tube
    • Wakeboard
    • Sub wing x 2
    • Sea scooter x 2
    • SUP x 2
    • Beach games
    • Floating mats
    • Underwater camera and video
    • 10ft floating dock

Onboard experience

Crew profile
William was born and raised in Bermuda. He started sailing at a young age whilst also enjoying rugby, swimming, cliff jumping and wakeboarding. Recently, Kylie enriched her skills through a highly accredited Yacht Chef course. Her journey as a chef remains ever-evolving, driven by her dedication to fresh ingredients, homemade craftsmanship, and an insatiable appetite for learning
Sample menu
This is a sample menu only to give you an idea of your chef’s cooking style. Your menu will be personalised for you - designed around your food and drink preferences. Most chefs are able to adapt to different dietary requirements such as vegetarian or gluten free but please let us know at the time of booking so we can check for you.
7 nights
6 nights
5 nights
2 $ 29,500 $ 25,286 $ 24,583
3 $ 30,000 $ 25,714 $ 25,000
4 $ 30,500 $ 26,143 $ 25,417
5 $ 31,000 $ 26,571 $ 25,833
6 $ 31,500 $ 27,000 $ 26,250
7 $ 32,000 $ 27,429 $ 26,667
8 $ 32,500 $ 27,857 $ 27,083

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.

2 $ 29,500 $ 25,286 $ 24,583
3 $ 30,000 $ 25,714 $ 25,000
4 $ 30,500 $ 26,143 $ 25,417
5 $ 31,000 $ 26,571 $ 25,833
6 $ 31,500 $ 27,000 $ 26,250
7 $ 32,000 $ 27,429 $ 26,667
8 $ 32,500 $ 27,857 $ 27,083

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.

2 $ 29,500 $ 25,286 $ 24,583
3 $ 30,000 $ 25,714 $ 25,000
4 $ 30,500 $ 26,143 $ 25,417
5 $ 31,000 $ 26,571 $ 25,833
6 $ 31,500 $ 27,000 $ 26,250
7 $ 32,000 $ 27,429 $ 26,667
8 $ 32,500 $ 27,857 $ 27,083

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.

2 $ 29,500 $ 25,286 $ 24,583
3 $ 30,000 $ 25,714 $ 25,000
4 $ 30,500 $ 26,143 $ 25,417
5 $ 31,000 $ 26,571 $ 25,833
6 $ 31,500 $ 27,000 $ 26,250
7 $ 32,000 $ 27,429 $ 26,667
8 $ 32,500 $ 27,857 $ 27,083

Rates are inclusive of all meals, snacks and standard bar prepared to your preferences. Standard bar consists of house wines, beers, sodas, mid-shelf spirits.


1- 8 guests 7 nights minimum
Scrub Island ports required
Charters during Christmas week are required to finish by Dec 27


1-8 guests 7 nights minimum
Scrub Island ports required
New Year charters to commence no earlier than Dec 28

Deduct $150/person/week from all-inclusive rate

Local fare meal plan rates include 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners, snacks and standard bar; all other meals to be taken ashore at guests’ expense

$300 per cabin/3-cabin minimum

Sleep aboard the night before charter dates. Includes boarding after 4pm, welcome cocktail and canapes plus a light breakfast the next morning. Dinner is to be taken ashore at client expense.

Special offers
$2,000/week discount on charters taking place by early Aug 2024, book by Jul 31, 2024
5-night minimum
New bookings only
Not to be combined with any other offers

Charter information

  • A crew gratuity, based on your level of satisfaction, but typically 15-20% of the charter rate is not included
  • St Thomas drop off at the end of the charter $1,000
  • St Martin/St Barths relocation fee of $2,000, minimum 72 hour turn required on either side of charter dates for boat transit. Please inquire for availability.
  • St. Vincent & the Grenadines: Relocation fee of $4,000, minimum 72 hour turn required on either side of charter dates for boat transit. Please inquire for availability.
  • Information and rates quoted on this website are believed to be correct but are subject to change without notice.


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  • What a lovely trip and best vacation ever. We will never be the same again. Seeing Will underwater like a fish took our breath away. We can confidently say that we have never laughed so consistently over the course of 7 days. Will was the perfect cruise director, but Kylie won our hearts 4 times a day. I can’t recall what it feels like to be hungry. Your bagel on a boat board, bao buns, bacon and banh mi on a beach were just the razzle dazzle on top of a truly remarkable culinary experience.

    Will – thank you for offering up every activity and excursion the BVI’s has to offer. You gave us the confidence to adventure and try new things. Thank you both for making every moment of this trip a blast, joining in our silly goosed-ness, and keeping us smiling from ear to ear. We will most assuredly be telling stories about our time with you forever. You rock, never change. Send our love to ginger (and her island). Cheers!

  • This was a trip to “paradise” for us. We loved every minute of the cruise. From sailing, to great places to drop anchor. The food offerings were amazing an Kylie – we loved your cooking and the welcoming table set ups! Will – you made amazing painkillers. Your knowledge of sailing and willingness to have “helpers” was kind. Our favorites were “Turtle Bay” and seeing the flamingos in the wild, and the night time games and laughter. Thank you for being great captain and crew!

  • We cannot thank you enough for the perfect week of sailing, sun, eating, drinking and lots of laughs! Tracy and Jon – you guys are a delight. You seamlessly integrated into our circle, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

    Tracy’s culinary skills were exceptional, catering to all of our dietary needs. Tracy was always there with a drink, snack, and an unbelievable spread for each meal – not to mention the beautiful tablescape! Jon insured we always arrived to each cove safely, and we had so much fun on the water!

    The yacht was over the top – Jon and Tracy were always calm and so knowledgeable about everything – we love you Tracy and Jon – we cannot wait to come back!!

  • First and foremost Jon and Tracy could not have been any more perfect. They are gracious, professional, pleasant, and a joy to be around. There are no words to explain all of their level of efficiency and attention to detail. Their knowledge of the islands and what each island has to offer was spot on.

    Every single meal was over the top delicious. Every meal was made from scratch and all fresh ingredients. All personal preferences were followed to a “T”.

    The Windward was in stellar condition!

    There are eight of us on board every single one of our wants and needs were meet immediately!

  • We cannot thank John and Tracy enough for making our first catamaran adventure, perfection. From the amazing food for breakfast, lunch and dinner to gorgeous stops and helping us make the most out of our trip. John and Tracy made us feel like more than guests, we felt like family this week. I think all of us can say that this is the best trip we’ve been on. We will always hold these memories close to our hearts. Tracy always knew what we needed before we even asked for it. Every meal, drink, appetizer, and dessert was so delicious. John was our tour guide and the best captain. Both of them were so warm and easy to be around. They really made us feel like we were becoming friends this week! We were not sure how much the crew be around this week but we always wanted to hang out with them. They were an amazing addition to our family. We will miss them dearly and would stay forever if we could!

  • The Ferrell Family

    Tracy is an amazing cook, the food was excellent! We were blown away with every meal!

    Jon and Tracy were very laid back and read the room well – when to let us have family time or to join in with discussions and activities. I had the trip planned for the most part but they helped bring it all together. Extremely nice, informative and glad we got to spend 5 days with them!! Tracy and Jon actually came recommended to me from a friend that booked with them last summer. We loved the crew. The yacht was very clean, comfortable and well ventilated.

    The six of us have discussed this trip and would not have changed a thing!!! One of the best family trips ever!! My husband and I, Summer 22 years old with boyfriend and Savanna and her husband are 26.

  • Our family of 3 couples from Kansas City, MO and Memphis, TN, in the US spent a week in March 2023 on Windward with Jon and Tracy. Our priorities when looking for a boat were in this order. 1-Crew 2-Boat layout and amenities 3-Food/drinks and 4-Destination

    Jon and Tracy were extremely attentive to our group throughout. For professional, absolutely first class service. We had previously taken a trip on a 67′ cat, but this 54′ Bali had an amazing, modern layout that felt equally as spacious and was meticulously maintained. The meals, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner were like dining at a first class restaurant. During the 7 night trip, we had 7 distinct BVI stops that will all provide their own unique memories.

    For anyone considering a BVI sail cat, we highly recommend Jon & Tracy and the Windward boat. We would absolutely consider booking this combination again A+ experience!!!

    Thank you so much for giving us the most memorable week! We look forward to doing this again with y’all!
    -Madison & Jenny

    You two are incredible! Thanks for making our family trip great!!
    Kristi and Chad
    Hope to see you next year!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. From the moment we stepped on the boat, you outdid yourselves. We all came in not sure what to expect. Some of us thought we would be getting turkey, or even PB&J sandwiches for lunch. Each and every meal blew us away! We were saddened that we planned to go off the boat at all to eat. And while your suggestions on those places were wonderful, the meals and services (especially Jon’s A+ dishwashing that he so enjoys) never were as good as on the boat. Tracy was amazing in knowing and anticipating our needs and accommodating gluten sensitivity. Jon was an amazing, calm captain who happily entertained our guys’s 1000 million questions.

    This trip far exceeded our expectations and we can’t wait to come back, but only if you will be our crew because we know anyone else would be disappointing. And don’t worry, next time, we’ll plan multiple speedo days and make sure to pre-order ours with faces on them for you too! Oh and thanks for putting up with Leroy. Cheers to next time!

  • Andrew, Jennifer, Scott, Brice, & Louie

    Absolutely incredible trip!
    Jon & Tracy, you made this a truly special memory for those of us who have done this a few times as well as the BVI virgins! The meals were incredible… far better than some of our favorite restaurants back home. And the effort to find the best spots in the BVI is seriously appreciated!

    We had a lot of fun planning this adventure, and more than exceeded our ambitions. Thanks again for the great drinks, special experiences and lifelong memories!

    Come see us in Dallas sometime soon!

  • Chip & Michelle Martens

    Best vacation/escape ever! John and Tracy treated us like royalty which started before our trip and continued throughout our fantastic adventure. We will definitely return, but only with this crew! The food was amazing. The boat was perfect and stocked with everything we could possibly need. I could go on and on and still not adequately express our appreciation for the top notch professional service we received.

  • Captains are a dime in a dozen… but chefs (like Tracy) are irreplaceable. Thank you from the bottom of our Indiana hearts for an amazing week sailing. You went above and beyond to make each day and each meal something we will never forget.

    We appreciate all the adventures, answered questions, laughs, drinks, and memories. You two are sincerely something so so special.

    We hope to be back. No stress, No shoes, No shirt, No problem!

    With big love,
    Dan & Kim Keers
    Emmett & Jenn King
    Ben & Allison Hession
    Jay & Kristen Oswalt

  • Danny & Lisa Sauyer

    We came with old friends to celebrate our 20 year wedding anniversary and are leaving with new friends, priceless memories, and unforgettable experiences. Thank you so much for making this a trip we will never forget. You both are first class people and we have had a first class experience. Best wishes to you in your future adventures and we hope to meet again!!

    Thanks for everything!

  • The Bhojwair family

    Thank you so much for all you did to make our Christmas week the most wonderful trip! Tracy, your cooking is just amazing and far surpassed the restaurant meals we had! John, thank you for the bar tour and for keeping us safe on our journey. Never forget the, Wonkey Donkey, the Stanky Wanky and especially “No Bananas!” Much love & best wishes for a happy New Year. Thanks for spoiling us!

  • We can’t put our words to paper. We are speechless! But, we will quote a guy we met on the beach the first day “I don’t want to over sell it, but this is going to be the trip of a lifetime!” And truer words have never been said. John and Tracy were beyond amazing and made our trip magical. The scenic views, the gourmet food, the onshore adventures and the bond we made with each other will last a lifetime. Thank you John and Tracy for providing us an excellent experience that’s surpassed our wildest dreams! You two are the very best.
    Matt & Sarah Pavek
    Mike & Marhya Molepske
    Josh & Nicky Shepherd

  • Cam & Bobby Cowen + Kelli & Time Carlson

    Thank you for the most perfect week ever! You far exceeded every hope and expectation we had for the week. From the beautiful boat with the most amazing crew to the incredibly delicious meals, our week was unforgettable!

    Our first meal was absolutely fabulous and really got better from there. We will never forget the amazing views and incredible hospitality! Great music and beautiful sunsets and awesome friends and crew made for the best trip ever!!

  • Mike and Marie

    Wow! We had a spectacular trip. First trip to the BVI and Jon+Tracy made it a memorable vacation. The itinerary was prefect – hitting all the beautiful coves and islands. We were spoiled each day with wonderful meals and adventures. Tracy and Jon were delightful, professional and accommodating.

  • Ricky & Amy

    Spent the last 8 days with Jon and Tracy touring the nooks and crannies of the BVI. Tracy is a wizard in the kitchen, presenting amazing meals every day. Jon is the sailing guru and kept everything running smooth the entire way. Jon and Tracy having the talent, knowledge and attention to detail made this experience most memorable and leaving a lasting impression of how much they care about making sure you are comfortable and happy the entire voyage.

  • We had an amazing vacation in the BVI on the boat from the moment we entered and were greeted by our strikingly good looking crew, Jon and Tracy. Jon and Tracy beautifully decorated the boat with striking, elegant coastal decor! Every detail is accounted for with the very best equipment and decor.

    Jon is an impressive captain! We felt safe with his skilled competence and confidence! Impressive how knowledgeable he is! He also strives to create the ultimate experience for his guests.

    Tracy is a 5 star chef! Every meal was a work of art and delicious! Tracy’s calm, patient style made our vacation an exceptional experience! We especially appreciated their taking us to the very best places in the BVI! We didn’t have to think about anything! The ultimate vacation! Thanks Jon and Tracy!

  • Beth, Kees, Matthew, Kaitlin, Jen and Jema

    From start to finish this trip was AMAZING! Captain Jon did an excellent job of picking just the right spots for us to enjoy the good life. We had some great snorkeling and lots of fun playing with all the toys. Tracy did an amazing job on all of our meals, it is going to be difficult to get back in a routine of not eating as much. Oh, and I almost forgot! Kelly started this whole adventure off with some delicious rum punches when he picked us up at the airport. Thank you so much Tracy for making this family vacation so memorable!

  • Ally

    I’ve been excited about this trip for months and dang near everything about the last week has exceeded my expectations! The boat is wonderful, but Jon and Tracy were absolutely phenomenal! They added so much to the experience of cruising the BVI. If I could, I’d pick them to crew any charter I ever take in the future. Thank you both so much for this awesome week of sailing!

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