Crew profile

Captain: Umberto Genovese (Italy)
Chef/Mate: Lindsey Montgomery

Captain: Umberto Genovese
Born and raised in Sicily in the south of Italy, Umberto has spent a great deal of time around the water. Even as a young child he was passionate about watersports, fishing and outdoor activities. After he received his bachelor’s degree in business administration in Milan, he traveled to Australia to work in hospitality at the famous Sydney Opera House, he also lived in Hong Kong for 4 months while interning for a digital start-up.

In 2017 he found himself back in Italy and decided to spend more time on the water and thus started working for The Yacht Week, a popular flotilla company that operates in the Mediterranean but also in other locations like BVI, Martinique and Tahiti. Starting as a Skipper and moving quickly to higher positions such as Lead Skipper and Route Manager. For 2 years he also held the role of Instructor for Quarterdeck, a company that trains and mentors professional skippers.

In the 6 years he worked for Quarterdeck and The Yacht Week, he completed more than 80 charters in several locations around the Mediterranean and abroad, covering more than 100,000 nautical miles.

When not on the water, he also likes to drive motorbikes. One of his most memorable trips was in India driving through the highest motorable pass in the world at +5.000 meters of altitude.

Chef/Mate: Lindsey Montgomery
Meet Chef Lindsey Montgomery, the culinary virtuoso at the helm of the “Oceana” catamaran in the British Virgin Islands. With a culinary journey that began in 2017 as a yacht chef in Croatia, Lindsey brings her extensive experience and creative prowess to create extraordinary dining experiences. Lindsey’s adventure as a yacht chef in Croatia saw her expertly handling VIP bookings, managing diverse crews, and catering to a wide range of dietary preferences, from vegan to gluten-free. Her adaptability and dedication to excellence were honed in this demanding setting.

In addition to her yacht chef experience, Lindsey founded her own catering company in 2020, specializing in crafting seasonal menus and personalizing events to align with clients’ visions. Her knack for arranging decor and ambiance to set the perfect mood adds an extra layer of magic to every dining occasion.

With a solid culinary foundation and educational background in food and hospitality, Lindsey is your trusted choice to elevate your charter experience on “Oceana.” Book your voyage today and indulge in the exceptional flavors of the British Virgin Islands with a culinary artisan who brings passion, creativity, and excellence to every plate.